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Uncovered DiGi BlackBerry Smart Plan

Have you read about my Unlimited Experience when using DiGi Smart Plan for Blackberry? How bout a small review about the Blackberry Curve 8520? You should read this because I don't want you guys missed the chance to get a BB and save more~!

Let me just say 3 simple point that I have uncovered:
1. With just RM58/month you get to have unlimited email, unlimited MSN, Unlimited Facebook/Twitter which includes also Unlimited internet surfing~!

2. Zero Commitment - You only pay what you have use and the rate + charges is very reasonable. What more? The cheap rate of charges is applicable to ALL networks~!

3. Great Saving - The more you use the more you save. How great is that? =D

Personally for me, this is what I uncovered:
4. UberTwitter - Another platform for you to stay connect with friends updates in 140 words. That's how I manage to see updates of Marion Caunter at anytime

5. BlackBerryMessenger - It is a big saving for you on SMS when your other half also have a BlackBerry too =D. An application that is specially for BB user~

6. Nice Media Phone - Although it looks like a mini gadget that is used for email and business only. It also has an awesome media player with the stereo speaker built-in on top of the BB. Yeah, BlackBerry Curve 8520 is also a nice music phone~! ;p

Guess what? All the nice thing discovered won't be nice without DiGi Smart plan for BlackBerry. Without it I won't able to enjoy the internet surfing all the time and keep me up-to-date. Summore it is only RM58/month~!

I like my BlackBerry. What bout you?
Be a smart user, be berrified with DiGi!

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