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TC Recap: July 2009

Hello all, I wonder if you guys still remember I was doing a recap for year 2009. I have almost forgot about it if no one remind me =S. So here it is recap for July 2009! Watch a lot of free movies and kinda colourful life I had during this month.

Went to the #1 Pipit Wonderful Market which display Malaysian Artist's Handmade
PS: Tons of artsy stuff and pictures~! Don't Miss it!

I was there to help my little BIG Eye sister - DearBear3

BioCareer Fair 2009 which somehow ends up as Utarian meet up spot =D

On the same day, me and friends went to "A Night In Rome"

Seriously I wasn't there for Marion Caunter ;p

When there are new stream of Facebook quiz, this one is the most funny one.
I can get 50-50 on gender. Equally metrosexual wei.

Joined "Which Hyundai R U?" contest and couldn't win the travel trip for friends
But ends up won a lucky prize [iTouch] =D

Met Nadia and Hunny Madu for the first time @ Shout! Awards RoadShow

Won a blue iPod Nano 8GB *without camera* through Chipster Superstar Contest
Haven't sell it out yet. Any taker? One and only one from www.tianchad.com

Participate in DiGi MMS Speak Up contest, but didn't win. Maybe because it is too long.
I still like the Nuffnang+DiGi Logo so much [because I draw one]

Looking for better and easier name to be remember, but still can't find one =S
I guess for people not to forgot "TianChad" and easier to remember me.
Should I just use "Tian" only like what Cheeserland do?

"RingoTan" ends up become "Rin" only ;p

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)