Springfield Town Cafe @ Wangsa Maju

Marccus was invited to the opening of SpringField Town Cafethrough FaceBook
There will be free foods and drinks for people who come
So he brings me, Yeng Yeng along and meet Pick San there.

Pick San has reach early and waited for us so long.
But due to the massive traffic jam... Pick San went home already before we manage to see her...

We are really really sorry about that ar T.t

Belanja you makan next time kay? ;p

So here is the SpringField Town Cafe entrance
It is actually located upstair and hardly to find this cafe

Basically the cafe is fully decorated with Simpson's stuff.

There are Simpson's Family Photos

Simpson's Cafe First Customer - Marccus

Simpson's Book Corner
There are a lots of travel books :)

And this is me and Yeng Yeng
Took a long rest to let her back pain recover

The owner of SpringField Town Cafe was working as an "stewardess @ peragawati @ 空姐"
So those are pictures she took when she travel around the world and the contry that she has visit. I am so poor in Geography...Only know where is Malaysia la =.=
Maybe iit will get better if I travel around the world
Or else get lost in Afrika...~

It is good to be able to travel around!! :)
There is a cupboard that store toys/souvenir that get from certain place certain country.
Saw the Mr. Bean bean?

Since we were late, we only manage to get some bottomless soft drink which cost us RM4.00 / glass. Even we want to order some foods also not available yet T.t

There are alot of western foods which has the appetiser, main course and more.
Want to try it but all not ready/sold out...~
Maybe next time when I go Wangsa Maju then only try it?

So where did we had our dinner?
Stay tune for the next post @ Bangi Kopitiam!


  1. come to springfield town cafe again!! i belanja u a free Grilled chicken chop!!


  2. [David]

    R you one of the boss? :)
    If not I wonder why you want to treat me XD

    Thanks anyway ar. I just blog what I think and you are one of the restaurant I visited~


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