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MeColor @ My Personality

I have done a personality test based on my favorite color, birth date and instinct on MeColor

It showed that I am a person with Anfractuous personality.
Till I can't decide what I really want, and make me feels like a complicated person ;p
Am I complicated to you? Haha!

According to the analysis:
  • I always do things according to my instinct, even though there are many things to do on the same time
  • Not using logic thinking, sometimes cannot differentiate which one is more important.
  • Always think that I can be confident in front of others, but usually can't.
In subconscious:
  • Has a tendency of narcissism
  • Cater to other people to let others affirmation, hiding my own real thought
  • Too positive on everything, will only look at the bright side and ignore the dark side.
  • Always fight for his own instinct even though inside heart already has weird feeling
  • Has high self-control
  • Possess the characteristic of honesty and hardness, always gives relevance and sincere advices
  • Material satisfaction can makes me focus on new target and mark out
  • Prefer stable life, if need to make decision, will always choose the stable and safe side
  • High recognition on families values
  • Lay store by education, has high responsibility to teach my next generation

Here is my Personality Color Symbol:
Green: Evolution
Purple: Self Protect
Orange: Sober

I admit that I am narcissist, who doesn't love themselves? ;p
I think I do things by following my instinct too.

For those who know Chinese, can go to analyze your personality too
MeColor - http://www.mecolor.com.tw

I am not sure about other characteristic...
For those who know me, are MeColor right about my personality? ;p
I want to know more about myself, so your comments is appreciated ~

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)