Girls scream bcs of these, how bout guys?

Girls scream when they saw something scary
Such as small & big cockroachs, spider, lizard @ "cicak"

Cicak's photo was discreetly selected!!
I still wonder why would there be [Cicak Man 2]!
B'Cos Malaysia boleh? ;p
(Somehow I know guy who scared of cockroach too! Haha)

I wonder why people scared of cicak as it is not flying here and there like cockroach, not furry like spider.
Somemore cicak help you eat those bug away (flies, mosquito, spider + alot of bugs)
When you accidentally step on a cicak, you just feel that it is a soft and cooler creature.
Nothing much right?

It wasn't?? Haha ;p

So, what actually will make guys scream?

Another video to share!! :)

If you like beer, remember to go to Guinness's Shamrock'd Event @ 1 Utama,PJ and Juru Auto City, Penang
What I did today?

I had my first Dimsum Buffet
Which is ordinary.

Went to Nokia Workshop
To play with Nokia Express Music 5800
*I was totally noob on that! Shit*
Get my sister her first pair of CIBA Contact Lens
The brand name will just fixed in your head
Interesting eye examination was done and I was impressed

Last but not least, met Stellar since she is arriving
And I was dragged on to the stage!!
Stay tune for detailed post ^@^

I had an enjoyable day at Melaka !!
(Without traffic jam would be better)

How was your weekend?
Tomorrow is still holiday~
No Monday blue right? Haha!


  1. hmm cicak is chosen because the similarity between cicak and spider is they can climb walls?

  2. Haha, how bout spiderman? ;p
    Thanks for the opinion~


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