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KennySia Damm Pissed Off Till Bad Words Came Out

According to KennySia's post, he met a blogger which always write bad stuff about him.
As you can see Kenny is very angry with him
He don't know what to say and what to do.(Sorry for blur picture)

However, instead of arguing with him, he treat him a beer and drank together.
This is what a gentlemen would do.

To read the whole story, visit here
There is alot more bad words inside.

Does this looks like usual KennySia?
Haha, I would say it is half Kennysia and half Benglish

Recently dropped by a website created by KennySia, himself
Which can convert your English to Benglish

You could use it to convert other people's blog to Benglish version
There are certain blog that looks really funny after the convertion.
Such as XiaXue and Joel Tan

So, KennySia still have his precaution on not writing bad words on his blog post!
Perhaps, this is why Benglish.kennysia.com was created? Haha!

For those who interested to help KennySia migrate Benglish to a better server
You can make a donation~

Just some funny thing to share ;p

Do you like the song - Umbrella by Rihanna?
How bout Hokkien version? ;p

"Oh sua, oh sua, oh sua, oh ~..."

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)