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Rihanna's Broken Face Picture was Unloaded

I am sure alot of people know the reason why Rihanna's concert was postponed.
And that is really a bad new for most of the Rihanna fans.
Especially Huai Bin that has work so hard to win the concert ticket! ;p

I believe a lot of people have seen Rihanna's Broken face through the web.
Would you like to destroy it using Unloader?
Yes, Unloader but not Uploader :)

First, you pick a document/files that ticks you off

Then you choose the treament.
There are three different ways for you to destroy the document
Ring of Fire, The Fanfare & The Dip

Here is the file that you want to destroy :)
As for my case I want to destroy "Rihanna's Ruined Face"

I prefered "The Fanfare" method
Hope this will make Rihanna feels better ;p

So if you have any other document/file to destroy
Use The Unloader!
You can also see how they build The Unloader here

What a great advertising for Nokia Eseries :)

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)