My Macro Shoot to Bus Stand

Waking up early in the morning, it was a day after rain
Not sunny but a cool morning :)

I took out my camera when I saw this "Flower rain"

Then I can't stop taking picture ;p
Playing with macro shoot.
First, to snap the flower

Second, to snap the spider(wick)

Third, to snap the Swing
I use to have one at my oldhouse
Always swing it with my sister ;p

Fourth, another flower with little spider on it :)

Fifth, picture of structured fence

Sixth, peeping through a hole
What did you saw?

Last, Tian Chad waiting for Metrobus >.<
*Sorry for the cam-whore*

Woot, go to have Dim Sum Buffet soon~
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. haha, is usual for the waiting for metrobus. Becareful only when at bus stop there.

  2. wow, nxt time can become national geography feature photographer d..haha

  3. [JX]
    It is great ;p

    Yeap, I still remember Pudu is a scary place as people tends to rob you even there is a lot of people!

    Nope, i am still using my Lumix DMC-FX100 ;p

    Not eligible yet!! ;p
    But thanks for the compliment! Haha~

    Thanks! ^@^
    BUT yours are better~!

  4. Not bad shots for a digicam :) Time to play around more with my camera as well.

  5. [renaye]
    Haha, now the price has dropped, u can have one

    Thanks :) When you play more you will learn more~


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