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Dim Sum Buffet @ Long Feng (Melaka Renaissance Hotel)

On last last Sunday, I was back to Melaka and thanks for the Public holiday (Prophet Muhammad's Birthday) so that I can have more fun at my hometown :)

Me and my bro+sis went to Long Feng @ Melaka Renaisance Hotel for the *free* Dim Sum Buffet in the morning
This is my first time eating buffet served with lots of Dim Sum(s)
Alot of "Char Sew Pao @ 叉烧包" for you to eat

The Dim Sum Witch Mointain
Different kind of Dim Sum at different stack

Lets have a close look~

Here are the varieties left
Are you drooling?? XD

The delicious Chicken Claws~

Ordinary, yet not so ordinary porridge

The goods is hiding beneath the rice :)

And the model for today Dim Sum
"Mmm~ Yummylicious!! "

Here are the Fried food corner
Too bad that the foods are not warm enough

This is the cook for "Lo Bak Gou @ 萝卜糕"
He actually posed for us ;p

These are the fried food varieties~
Don't remember their taste as I have stun my tastebuds with the previous foods.

Are you
Lets go to Desserts!!
Have you noticed "desserts" is the inversion of "stressed"?
Seems like it tell us we should eat desserts when we are stressed~!
Thanks Wen Hong for that ;p

Here are the Dragonfruit, Papaya, and Long Ngan Pudding.

Out of coincidence, we created something funny.
Here is the "B/C/D Cup Size DragonBall"!!
DragonFruit Flavor ma~ ;p
Some more people go watch Dragonball Evolution also because of Chi Chi's "DragonBall"

Here come the "C/D/E Cup Papaya Pudding"!!
I don't really know how to measure cup size...
Seems like it fit the title "Papaya Milk can help you boost in size!!"

Here is a hot topic for guys and girls.
"What is the ideal breast size?" by Chewak

After we took a rest and peep at the Dim Sum Corner
Found this "Shark Fin's Dim Sum!"
Good foods are always served latter ha!
Luckily we didn't missed ths one

Some Marshmallow Cake and Fruit Tarts

Learned something new about the reflection of lights :)

Does Numbers really can tell you what you will be in your life/future??
This book was written by a Professor, probably the Math professor?

The theme for March @ Renaissance Hotel
"Birds twitter means Spring is coming"

The breads for display only.
Real and hard!
Can be used to poke people head ;p

Had a peep from the 9th floor of swimming pool
Melaka River are now 24 hour ready for cruising trip.
Saw the two small cruises?
Even the houses near the river have brand new RED roof!

And the Tan Kim Hock Food Store
A place you must go to buy Melaka Local Foods

My sister "is" a Musicon Celebrity.
Are you interested? ;p

Perhaps this picture might convince you a bit? Haha!
The star of tomorrow!
*blink blink*

Weekend Buffet Dim Sum
Saturdays and Sundays (8.00AM to 2.30 PM)
Price: RM33++(Adult) & RM18++ (Child)

All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum Luncheon
Mondays to Fridays (12.00pm to 2.30PM)
Price: RM25++ per person

Next post, trip to Mahkota Parade~!!

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