BIG Boys' Toys @ Breakers (Sri Hartamas)

On last last boring Sunday, I was surfing around FB and noticed there is a mail from Advertlets
It was an invitation to the launch of "Monday Night Boys Toys"
Venue: Boiler Room @ Breakers, Sri Hartamas

I was thinking if I want to involve with something as I was too boring during that time.
So I have decided to go BREAKERS and meet with Josh Lim + Bloggers

I've sent an e-mail to Stephanie on that night and received the reply on Monday.
Further more, Josh Lim called me on the same day to confirm if I am coming with any friends.
I said I would bring a friend if possible as I don't know anyone there yet.
(Plus I am not sure who is going)

However,I ends up going alone even though my friend is not free.
Why? Cause I've promised to go and seats has been reserved.

Again, I need my "Good Party Soul-mate" to guide me to Sri Hartamas
I can't really see where BREAKERS located at as it is hiding somewhere
I know I am around the place when I saw EVo crossing the road :)

When I arrived there, I straight away saw them
smashpOp, Rames, EVo & Derek
They were all equiped with DSLR! T.t

I go to greet Jason and others and something funny happened
I called Rames with "Rums" pronunciation instead of "Raa-mes"
It is funny to look at someone's expression as I knowing him but he doesn't ;p

I wander around BREAKERS after signing up as a member with the pretty babes :)

Basically the member card is a discount card especially for BIG Boys with BIG Toys

I means cars, motor...!
Since it was a big rain out there, those Boys' Toys were lesser
I prefer Lotus Club :)

Upstairs are full of snookers/pool and foosball
I think "B" stands for BREAKERS?

Then we have our free dinner at the Boiler room
Jenifer arrived around that time
This picture is basically about Jenifer with the Fish Ball on fork under Spot Light in front of Advertlets Banner with the presence of free-flow beer! Haha!

She looks "emo" on this photo

Since I don't know much people in that room.
Stephanie came to introduce me to other bloggers and I remember Rudy
She is a good PR :) and I would like to thanks her

After food, we cam-whored with the RED Wall
This is Rames
We looks like Darlie ;p

And Jason Goh a.k.a. Broha Hill's "Eng tao"
Now you can see he is taller

While we all snapping the car outside
Rames took a photo of us with his wide lens
I still wonder how to do that with a heavy DSLR

After this we went to play pool/snooker.
I didn't play as I am sucks on it
It is better not to play than embarrassed yourself right? ;p
The "Siao Gang" has left earlier as they have another plan. I think.

We then go downstair to see the "Gran Turismo PK"
If you like Tokyo Drift you will love this game!

This is Josh Lim and EVo under action :)

Around 11 Pm ++, there is more happening inside BREAKERS

It is all colourful inside there. The DJ is playing the right music with different lightning effects

Have you seen the Dancing Cube before?

I am sure you haven't seen him dancing before ;p
He is one of the BIG Boys

Looks blur? This is the clearer image :)

Basically there is a "Beer Fight" going on
The Tequila with Salt on the side

The contest is easy
All you need to do is to finish two Tequila plus one glass of Beer a.s.a.p.
I don't remember if there is any prizes given to the "15 seconds" winner

Here are some of the participants :)

She is a fast drinker

And she is a goal finisher ;p
She finished it even she wasn't able to win

Here is a movie clip before the "Beer Fight" started

Since it is a bit late and I still need to work the next day
Took some good-bye pictures before me and EVo left


and Melvin - BREAKERS' Boss
Thanks for the beers!

Last but not least, thanks to Advertlets for this event :)

I was asked by a lot people how old I am when I met them.
They all said I look younger than my real age.
So, how old am I ? Any Guess?

I would say I am a slower matured guy that still growing up during study in Uni.
I guess this is the character of being a Dec 31st baby? ;p
Between, you guys looks young too!


  1. Sexy, pretty, handsome, all together, wow~
    haha XD

  2. [marccus]
    There is alot of sexy and pretty babes :)
    Of course handsome also got la!
    Especially the Broga Hill's handsome? haha


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