I am now a judge for "No Vulgar Challenge"

Eventually I become the judge of a challenge between Nicole and Marccus
What challenge?

The date for Nicole and Marccus to start the challenge is 1st April 2009 - 30 April 2009.
Who ever want to join is welcome!

Here's the Terms and Conditions for the Challenge
*Warning: Reading under parent's guidance is required for kids ages 12 and below*

No Vulgar Challenge
  • To start the challenge, challenger must be a human and 1 years older and above
  • Challenger can be Male and/or Female.
  • No entry fee necessary.
  • By entering the Challenge, challenger must not process the following Vulgar word in any form such as writing, speaking, signaling, whispering, eye-messaging:
  1. Kan Le Ma/ Kan
  2. Pu Ki Ma/ Puki Ma/ Puki/
  3. Lan Chiao/ Lan Ciao/ Lan/
  4. Kiong Kan
  5. Chao Chi Bai/ Cao Ci Bai/ Chao Ci Bai/ Cao Chi Bai/
  6. Chao hai/ Cao hai
  7. Chao Bi/ Cao Bi/ Chao B/ Cao B
  8. Ma Chao Hai/ Ma Cao Hai
  9. Ma Hai
  10. Diu/ Tiu
  11. Jiak Sai
  12. Lu Sai Sai
  13. So Hai
  14. Diu Lan Hai
  15. Diu Hai
  16. Fuck/ fucker
  17. Bastard
  18. Bitch
  19. Shit
  20. Damn/ damnn/ damnnnn
  21. Dick
  22. Boobs
  23. Ass/ asshole/ assholes
  24. Ham ka chan/ ham ka can
  25. Ham ka ling/ ham ka lin
  26. Celaka
  27. What the fuck/ Wat the fuck/ wat d fuck/ what d fuck/ WTF
  28. Kanasai/ kana/ kannasai/ kanna/ kns

  • Any abbreviation, symbol or combination that represent or eventually bring the meaning to the above list will considered as Vulgar word.
  • There is a period of one month for this challenge. After end of each Challenge cycle, challenger may continue for new challenge.
  • Successful challenger will be entitled a name, Good Boy! (for male) or Good Girl! (for female) or Good! (for whatever).
  • Who ever wish to terminate from challenge before One month period will entitled a name, LOSER.
  • The list of Vulgar word will update without any prior notice, challenger should time to time check the list whenever there is any updates.
  • Any person who break the rules will be fine RM 1.00 = USD 0.38 each time ONE vulgar word is release, pronounce, or written. Money will then be donated to McDonald or KFC, donation box.
  • Challenger will requires to make a pledge thru his and/or her network, using blog, facebook, friendster, email, newspaper publishing, radio broadcasting, and any other media is allowed.
  • The commencement of the challenge will require a written and published the below information:
Name of Challenger:
Challenger contact Email:
Name of Judge:

Judge contact Email:

Period of Challenge: dd/mm/yyyy - dd/mm/yyyy

Status of Challenge: (Challenging, Complete, Terminated)


Successful Challenge: (Number of successful Challenge)

A selected judge must be fulfill the following criteria:
  • Close friend/ intimate partner.
  • Have very frequent conversation or contact.
  • Able to be contact time to time.

Please note that rules may updates without any notice.

Since i was the judges, when you saw my blog post the challenge has just started
Let's see how much donation we can collect

Tian Chad
Who become a judge out of a sudden


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