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Got my Photos Printed by eoe for free!!

Still remember I mentioned before eoe Online Photo Printing Service?
Now only I posted up a review after received their photo after almost 2 weeks ;p

Two days after I submit my eoe printing request + review
I received a parcel from SkyNet.
I know it is the photo!! ;p
It is so fast!

Here are some of the photo printed~
Did you noticed the 8R size's photo was nicely protected with a cardboard?
The photos are lay up in lavender!
eoe you did a good job on this :)
*Saw the two superwoman at the bttom right? XD*
*Picture taken on 2008*

Besides that, the quality of the photo also nice!!
I wished I can have more 8R free printing to print my KLCC's Picture out ;p

Thanks you eoe for the free photos with quality
If I have photo to print I will visit you again~~
Have you had your free printing? Go visit Blogger's Review Program for your free copies~!

Sleepy today =.=
Tomorrow only go Mahkota Parade la~

I know my blog is still messy ;p
Just that I and not sure which widget to delete now.
Any suggestion from my readers + friends?
Please leave a comment here or at CBOX also can~!!
Thank you ^@^"

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