SIGNS that held us together

Have you ever think of finding a boy/girl friend within your working area?
This 12 minutes video will show you how SIGNS can be used to communicate with each other
There is no talking but SIGNS that make them get together.

I like the "boob parts" especially when I saw the guy's reaction
(You will know what I mean after you watched the video)

So, do you think you would able to fall in love with someone around you?
Does this happened to you before?? ;p
If you had a target, go fight for it! :)
Just dare to say, "Do you want to meet?"


Haha, I just redeem a Pint of Guinness Draught
Something to had on 13th of March~
This is not a big deal

Did you saw someone redeem the13" MacBook with 3325 Gold Coins?
I wonder how does he collected the Gold Coins.
By just tagging 3305 pictures?!
What a great tagger!


  1. haha, must enjoy that cup ar. XD

  2. wonderful SIGNS, get inspired.
    ur contact lens will help u to see them, lol

  3. haha, i just able to watch that video. That is so wonderful, haha. I think will re-post it to my site also, keke.

    also, tian jie, faster sneak around see see got anyone looking at you? hehe

  4. [marccus]
    I enjoy in PJ, you enjoy in Penang ar ;p

    Nice thing are good to share~! Fast fast repost~

    Too bad my cubicle is not near the window. Even so, there is no one for me to look la

    Haha, Jia Xian you can use SIGNS when you work in SG's high building~

    Will you try wear contact lens? Haha!

  5. Haha, okie, yam sheng!~~

    i post it up now, hehe.
    u try use binocular see see. XD

  6. [Marccus]
    Sometime I can see your profile sometimes I can't ar ;p

    *High 5*

  7. haha, cos sometimes i log into google sometimes not log into google to post comment. XD


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