"My World. My Classroom" Post@PostCard Contest

Wawasan Open University (WOU) organized this POST @ POSTCARD CONTEST about a month ago with attractive prizes to win!
You can win MacBook Air, MaBookWhite, iPod Touch, iPod Shuffles or even a CANON 450D DSLR! Yes it is true.

I should have post this up long time ago.
Just that I didn't manage to find my 'classroom' earlier

In a evening without rain, I went to the park near my living place.
Thought of jogging there.
Mostly people going there for jogging, exercise, and have fun.
There are actually two trails for us to jog.
Either the larger circle, or the smaller circle.

Of course, there is always places for us to sit and do some reading or rest.
For me, I prefer to read at a place which is quiet and close to nature.

Here are something that I saw,

Lovely flower with its glamor petals

A caterpillar that wanted to grown up and be the butterfly

There are people who jog, there are people who fish.

An uncle that waiting for someone to bite the bait.
Patience is all you need.

After jogging and walking around the park, I have reached my favorite place to read.
Sitting under a big tree and sometimes lucky to heard birds twitter on the trees :)
(That's why people like Twitter? )

"Reading is to the mind, exercise is to the body!"
I can strengthen my body and enrich my mind here.
So This is My world, My classroom!!

Another photo with different quote :)
"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader."
We don't need to read every book in the world, all we need is the most educative, inspirational book!

"20 Something, Decides A Man's Whole Life" @ "二十几岁,决定男人的一生"
Is a good reading material :)
Highly recommended for you guys to read it

Thanks to my dad anyway!!

Why do I need to post my postcard on my blog/profile and to my friends?
  • Think of it as a service to the country and community. As the people’s university, Wawasan Open University is a not-for-profit institution which serves only to promote and provide lifelong learning for the betterment of all Malaysians. You will be helping us spread this message for a good cause.
Hope that I had spread this message for a good cause! :)
If you like to join this contest or spread the message, please click here.

"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader"
I like this quote!


  1. nice post :-)
    u always hv the bright side of living.... cherish~

  2. [Jia Xian]
    Sometimes I learn from you one ar!
    Will cherish :)


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