My Sister's First Pair of CIBA Contact Lenses @ Mahkota Parade

At Mahkota Parade (Melaka)
It is the last day for Nokia's Workshop
I played with Nokia XpressMusic 5800 and I am a noob!
Will I able to get it from the Music Bash '09 Event?
*Waiting for Nuffgod's blessing*

This is the Nokia Handphone with QWERTY Keypads Need to train your fingers for accurate "word punching"

Your thumbs must be sharp and focus!

The crowds that hanging around the Nokia booth~

I heard one of the Nokia Babes saying outside is giving out free
Lancome Fragrance
So I asked my sister if she want it ;p
This is one of the lady giving out freebies
You just need to write down your name and handphone number
Too bad I can't help her get one more free (Only for ladies)

These are the Lancome Fragrance MAGNIFIQUE on the Moving Truck

She is happy with it :)
Another free Make Up Voucher for her

This is the little tiny MAGNIFIQUE
Anne Hathaway is pretty, isn't it?

Okay, now we go hunt for contact lens
In the first shop, this guy checked her eyes and said the myopia(shortsight) is little but astigmatism is too high. No suitable contact lens for her.

So we moved on to another shop and asked if they can help my sis get a new pair of contact lens
The servant is so clever to ask what kind of contact lens she want and pick for us the Comprehensive Eye Exam Package
(Which include a full eye checkup, a pair of CIBA contact lens, a small bottle of saline water, and lesson to teach us how to wear contact lens)

Let see how professional and comprehensive the eye test is!
First, the person check the eye one by one
(Looks normal)

Then my sis need to wear this funny prescription glasses
Nowadays is popular wearing black framed glasses right?
Will you love this one? Haha!
It will be the next trend, trust me!
*Finger Crossed*
(Still look normal)

Next, a lot of optical device came out.
She was required to lean her face on that thing

He was checking her eye white to see if there is any visible blood vessels
My sister need to stare and follow the source of red light
(Not usually seen)

This one is a bit cool ;p
He is putting some kind of indicator to my sis's eye.
An indicator that help in your eye glands examination

If you see properly you can see a Green Colour Stripe under the eye.
That indicate her eye's tear glands is working well~
(This is something like Gram Stain in microbiology )
Looks cool?? :D

Basically, my sister passed the eye test and her eye is healthy besides the slighty myopia and astigmatism
The good thing is she can wear contact lens!!

Why is she washing her hand?
This is the first step to do before wear contact lens
Did you do it every time??

Second, cut your long finger nails so that you won't poke your eyes when putting/getting your lens out from your eye.

She still has long fingernails even thought she cut it to the deepest end she can.
Nothing can be done, blame the gene! ;p
The girl that served us feel weird because my sis's fingernails closely attached to the finger

I gotta say my family's finger/fingernails is long for everyone.
Even me and my brother also have hands that girls would like to have.

Third, a picture of myself besides being the witness of my sister getting her
"Wear Contact lens lesson" ;p

Fourth, have a smile and be prepared to wear those "glasses" on!!

This is the CIBA VISION Contact lens
CIBA....I won't forget it!

What you need to do is make sure the contact lens has the right side on your fingertips
(Curving in is the right side)
Then try to put it on your eye.

After the contact lens managed to stick on your eye.
Look down slowly and close your eyes.
Count from 1 until 5 and
Wala! The lens will attached to your cornea~
(I didn't know about this and that's why I took 20 minutes to put my lens on for the first time)
Now I know the easier and better way!
She had tried many times and still can't fit it in.
Is it because of her long eyelash? Or because she scare to poke her own eye?
Both true ;p

So the lady serving us "tak boleh tahan @ cannot tolerate" and help her put on one of the lenses.
"3,2,1 It is put on already!"

"Wow, how can she do it so fast?! I still have one more eye to poke..."

After more than half hour, she managed to put it on!!
*Blink blink*
Nice or not? ;p

To finish the lesson, she need to take it off and wash the lenses correctly.
Pour some saline water on hand and rub it for 10 seconds.
After that, rinse it will fresh saline water and keep it in the lenses box

Took her another 10 minutes to take off the contact lens this time :)

This is the teacher for me and my sis.
I gotta admit that she is very good at earning money.
She signed the RM40 package for us and want to "charge" us for using too much of her time which supposedly her lunch time ;p

Overall, she still giving a good service

Next next coming up~!! Stellar the Superstar ;p


  1. wow, so high tech de..
    >.< last time go buy contact didnt ask for the test also. Just go into the shop and said "I want buy.. contact lens!"
    wakaka XD

  2. looks so complicated.. LOL =D never had an eye test done before man.. LOL

    how do you like my new layout bro?

  3. 那時候中學合唱團要表演
    結果 我在眼鏡店戴隱形眼鏡
    帶了一個小時半 ==
    重點是 還是沒有戴上去 @@
    到最后不是他們不耐煩 而是我自己頂不順~
    所以現在 我不戴了
    不是扮清高 而是我害怕 :P

  4. [Marccus]
    We also didn't ask for test, she recommended us.
    And I bought my first pair after computer eye test only ar ;p

    God blessed you with good eyesight ma
    I used to have good vision before go to Uni T.t

    Will comment at ur CBOX XD

    [yoghurt may]
    下次再试吧!记得把眼睛睁到最大 ;p


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