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My first free GUINNESS Pint of Draught is "bitterlicious" ;p

The party started with Belinda Chee and the RJ DJ - Landslyde on stage "Yum Seng" with everyone!!

The sky is full of St Patrick Day ambience
Lets looks closer

There were a lot of "Clover Leaves @ Love" dropping from the sky.
PS: White Valentine is on 14th of March, the day the guy return a favor to girls who gave him chocolates

Later on, there are Phantoms coming out with a robotic Silverman
The Silverman kinda remind me of sawing a participant from "The HOTTEST HUNK 2008" that night.
I greeted him and asked if he is one of the participant, he said "No" with a sad expression.
I wonder what to reply and said "okay...." and walked away.

I will just gotta tell him to look at the brightside.
Eventhough he didn't manage to win the competition, he still gain the valuable experiences for being a healthy hunk right?? Not everyone can be in that competition!!

I was standing near the Sound System and he is the guy controlling the lightning and the ambience. He did a great job and make everybody on the mood :)
That night Skybombers, a rock band from Australia and Corpus, an acrobatic performance act from Holland was cancelled.

Fortunately there are Malaysia Band was there performing their best hits and successfully increased the temperature!! They are the rock star and Malaysia Boleh particular on this.

I was hoping to see Estrella to be on the stage.

Never mind, at least I saw Belinda walking over and I asked for a photo !! ^@^
She is gorgeous, don't she? XD

The crowds get bigger and there were extra chairs added

There is actually a screen for people sitting behind.
Can even see nearer than people sitting in front :)

After the first band's performance
Few groups of people were asked to play games and Dancing PK with each other
The most competitive groups are friends coming from Japan

And Kuala Lumpur!
Black, White + Yellow!
Malaysia is a multi racial country :)
The Indian guy is very good at that particular dancing
Since they have the same applause, another PK was held and ends up they all dancing in a group
The Red Shirt Japanese guy has the most hilarious face expression XD

Since we can't decide who is the winner.
Landslyde made a suggestion.
He will play "Paper, Scissor, Stone" with Belinda
And who LOSE the game his/her group will WIN.

In the end Belinda's Kuala Lumpur group win because the scissor was beaten up by stone
What a new rule ;p

The guy in the middle is the winner of the MacBook Air :)
Jackie Yap, who has tagged 3200++ photos of people on Facebook!!
He said he use 5 hours daily in front of the PC to archive that 3000++ Gold Coins since the first day the game started.

You really deserve it Jackie :)
(Please correct me his name if I have misspelled)

Here is another Malaysia Band performed.
The Guitarist always like to shake his waving hair

What do you saw in this picture?
Two Shamrock'D Ballons?
A drum player?
A botak head?
A pretty Japanese? XD
Or a table full of "Pint of Draught"?

They have redeem their free beers using the vouchers win from the dancing game

Resmanu is there that night!!
Still has the same hair style :)

He is very enjoyed singing with his pro drums player

Later on, two ladies and four guys were invited to go up stage dancing with the beats and tempo.

I would say this is the girl manage to seduce four Happy Indian Guys
"One night only! One Night only!"
*With their finger pose*
The other 2 girls were shy :)

I look at the time and it is already 11 PM something.
So I prepared to leave by snapping another Pretty Shammrock'D Lady near the redemption counter.

She also very friendly and ask if I want to take a photo with another St' Patrick Couple by wearing her Guinness Hat. XD
Thanks a lot lady!! :)

I go to have a "Limau Ais @ Lime Juice" at foodstall nearby to rush off the alcohol effects.
You can feel abit "floating" when you drank your beer too fast!
Maybe I am just not a pro drinker!

Last but not least, I have no regret to go to the event alone!! XD


  1. they had one in autocity but i couldnt make it =/

  2. for the black cup of liquid, for the girlsss..

    14 March 2010 Marked! >.<

  3. [JiaXian]
    请原谅正在陶醉的我 XD

    [~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T]
    You should make it :)
    Nevermind, next year still have!

    Haha, it is not always on March 13/14~
    But sure next year will have

    It is~ :)

  4. Lol..that dancing guy is not japanese..they are chinese actually...

  5. [Anonymous]
    I think 2 out of three were come from Japan :)


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