I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband

What you wanna be??
A POP, HIPHOP, ROCK, R&B or even REGGAE celebrity?

Again, Nuffnang is organizing another big event after the Nuffnang Wild 'Live' Blogging Party!! I am not gonna miss it!!
This time is the Nuffnang Music Bash '09 !!
Also in conjuntion with MAXIS :)
Now Maxis USB Modem Rocks On instead of Wild Life!!

Which celebrities do I looks like?
"My Heritage" told me I have 50% looks like woman celebrities and 50% on the opposite sex

Below are my Celebrity Look-alikes.
I look like Japanese the most. (Asian what XD)
I can be Nakama Yukie(the pretty), Nicholas Tse(the good husband), Takashi Sorimachi (the man), Won Bin (the handsome) and Fukaya Kyoko ( the chubby cutie)

Now I can be either one of the celebrities.
It just like I can personalize my Maxis USB Modem to either POP, HIPHOP, ROCK, R&B or even REGGAE !!

Let see how I looks like when I morph into Nakama Yukie

I tried several photos and found my most common celebrity look alike
It is a She =.="
Fukada Kyoko the chubby cutie!!
Let see the 1st Celebrity Morph

2nd Celebrity Morph ...

3rd Celebrity Morph!!
I can be in Playboy Playgirl magazine already!!

Wait a minute I must look more like a guy than a girl! So I find another celebrity using a picture of mine with celebrity Belinda Chee

( Forgive me I like Belinda Chee this photo too much!! XD)


I still look alike to a girl celebrity!!

Nevermind!! She is pretty right??

(If I am a female I want to look like her)

*Touch Wood*

I only manage to look likes a male celebrity after uncheck "All" and tick only "Male"...

Now I looks like Sho Sakurai.

Feels relieved now!! :)

Only two 2 simple steps for you to earn a pair of invitations as follows :

1. Write a blog post titled ‘I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband’ in your blog. Take a picture of yourself dressed up like a celebrity or impersonate any celebrity you want. Tell us how you wish to be treated if you’re a celebrity. Walk on red carpets, dine at fancy restaurants, have Harajuku Girls as your bodyguards, anything goes!

2. Upon completing your blog post, kindly send an email to musicbash2009@nuffnang.com with details of yourself such as your full name, IC number and the permalink of your written blog post.

Of course, if you wish to take part in The Most Creative Blog Post Contest, you might need to do something out of the ordinary such as; audio clip of you singing, video of you and your friends singing and dancing or anything creative you can think of.

First of all, I wish to be treated as a Male Celebrity even though I am girls alike. I don't have long hair like Yatz. I wonder how he keep his hair so long, need to have extra care some more (hair treatment & conditioning? ). His hair look bright and healthy right ?!

If I have a long hair, I might looks like this person!!

He/she will sure win "The Most Uninspiring Blogger Award!" if he join this event. Seriously!! XD (Picture courtesy of WenPink)

Lets get back to the topic :)

If I am a celebrity, I would like to be Brad Pitt who has a gorgeous wife, Angelina Jolie which is one of my dream girls. I want to be a good looking guy that also have a pretty wife. Brad Pitt is a good actor and also a good person, who make donation around the world to help the people. If I were Brad Pitt I would appreciate those "Doggy Army @ Gossip Reporter" don't get over the barrier to stalk us and make rumor out of our personal life. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie has been a great couple and I wish they will be a happy family forever. So, who will be my Angelina Jolie? Only gods know :)

Who don't wish to walk on RED CARPET? I wish I can walk on it as I am going to receive my OSCAR Awards as much as the "Slumdog Millionaire"!

Perhaps it will be fun if can see Nuffies dancing with Jai Ho song right?? Below is just the rehearsal movie clip. Wanna see the actual one? Come Nuffnang Music Bash '09!!

(Brad Pitt know how to sing, so can considered I "impersonated" a musician celebrity right? It sounds more like adoration XD)

Here is the prove that Brad Pitt can sing!

Almost forgot to post up a photo of me posing like a star ;p

And a photo dressing like a star!! (No fancy cloth...Paiseh!!)

Am I creative enough??

I can't find the song without vocal. So I didn't post up any song yet.(Booking for update)

Here is the Music Flash I have made :)

PS: I don't have a good voice as David Archuletta. Sorry if I baffled you

Thanks to Picasa 3 for its easy editing tools, Audacity that help me to mute the vocal, and thanks Stephanie for her song :)

If you really want to hear the whole song, please let me put my songs on the Nokia Xpressmusic 5800

A musician celebrity need a music phone right? XD

Let's Rocks On on 4th of April at Maison!!

*Click here*


  1. OMFG...u look much prettier as a lady than i am..


  2. =.="
    I didn't wished for it

    Go and try "My Heritage"
    Sure you look prettier!! XD

  3. hope wont see u wearing skirt over there....if im invited though...lol!

  4. [breadpitt]
    'A'dison you want me to be 'S'ecilia Cheung or 'Z'illian Chung??

    I "will" wear skirt even you don't want

    Make sure u dressed well to win the "Best Dressed Male" TOPMAN Voucher ;p
    I don't have fancy cloth for it...

  5. i'll see you there bro!! I know i will.. LOL


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