Hailstorm in Malaysia Today!

Have you seen hailstone/hailstorm before.
I have seen it for my first time~!!
It was a very hot afternoon today, but the weather changed like girl change her cloth
(Not every woman*)
When I was working in the office, it started to rain around 5pm.
I feel that the rain is getting heavier today because the sounds by raindrops was very loud.

Then I feel curious and go to see near the window.
It is super windy and I saw the trees like going to be blown away.
Suddenly I noticed there is something like stone knocking at the window and bounced
So I asked my colleague if it is hailstone
He replied :"Don't think too much, it is just illusion!! 幻觉来的!!"

I don't believe so I go wear my glasses and check again ;p
(I try not to wear my glasses everytime, give my eye some space to recover ma XD)

Guess what, it is really hailstone!!
It almost came out in sudden and my another colleague told me to go downstair and check it out.
Luckily I did bring my camera with me today!! ^@^
Hailstone you are Welcome!! ;p

A closer looks on hailstone(Small Ice cube)

This is the first time I saw Hailstone in reality ;p
Now anything can happen in Malaysia.
Last time Tsunami, now Hailstorm.
Would there any snow soon?? XD
(Please click above for larger picture)

Here is a video clip where hailstone dropping on the roof :)

When I am on the way sending my colleague back home.
We saw advertisement board fall down, some of the trees falling down.

This is one of the tree that fall down and blocking the road

And this tree also fall down into a house
I feel funny when I saw a people inside the house use Kitchen Knife to chop down the tree branches instead of Parang ;p
(I am sorry for crow over...but I laughed when I saw the kitchen knife >.<)
Another tree that the roots all came off and hang on the cable
Basically you can see everything is messed up by the storm today.

The big rain has stopped and I saw this Mushroom Cloud
Looks more like Ling Zhi @ 灵芝
Stopped by at the road and took a photo :)

Since the sky become cleared and good. I went to Bandar Puteri 12 (The uptown on the mointain) for more sky pictures~

Focused on cloud ;p

Did you saw a Cartoon Character waving to you with right hand and eating ice-cream with let hand??
Perhaps a cartoon character that wearing a wig? ;p
Need high imagination ar XD

Found this sot where people(couples) usually dropped by here to enjoy the night view/sunset
It was raining today, so the board was wet.
Couples should really come here!!

I was thinking coming here again at night.
Maybe at the night of Earth Hour(28th March) before 8.30 pm??

And took picture of before/after people switch off the light~!
Nice or not? We can see who switched off the light wor!! ;p

But too bad that I will be somewhere else la

My last photo, this is the strongest tree that can against the wind.
That's why people planted it near the beach to decrease the wind speed.
Can you be tough like it??
Yes you can!! :)

Since not everyday can see HailStorm
Tomorrow only meet Stellar ? ^@^"


  1. wah........ lucky u...
    hehe nice cloud pictures :D

    RYN: lol emoticon @@''

  2. wa.. where is it that you saw these hailstones?

  3. Thanks for your sharing.

    Good job!

    Well done !

  4. [jolenesiah]
    All my colleagues are lucky too :)

    I will call you Jolene instea of emoticon la ;p

    At Puchong, my company ;p

    Welcome and thanks! XD

  5. wow... can see the size. lucky is tiny. haha XD

    also lucky there is no supercell to be form in Malaysia. Else the land kena wash gao gao.. >.<

    Take care the earth. Be green everyone. XD

  6. [Marccus]
    Yeah, switch off the light for Earth Hour ^@^~

  7. waaahhhh superb!!! luckily u brought ur camera with u today! i learnt something new from ur post today. thanks! wat a spectacular view u had.. u were so lucky!

  8. [wen pink]
    That's why I use Compact Camera instead of DSLR :)
    I can't bring a bulky DSLR to office right? Haha~

    I am lucky today, and tomorrow is your turn!!By the way, take care and don't fall sick again ;p

  9. Haha, also use less plastic bag ^^

    you gonna see stellar today? She pretty de ler >.< remember snap photo oo.

    I saw the devil eye in the tree at last photo, haha XD

  10. [Marccus]
    Haha, I coincidentally met her last two week at Melaka ;p
    Stay tune for post tonight~

    Marccus=lamppost= Devil Eye
    So Marccus = devil eye? ;p

  11. woot! waiting tonight, keke

    hmm.. probably also, evil marccus. nyek nyek nyek~

  12. [Marccus]
    haha! Evil marccus
    Stella Chung is in my blog now~


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