DragonBall EVoLuTion Happening @ 1 Utama

This will be a detailed post of the Dragonball Evolution Premiere @ 1 Utama which organized by Nuffnang!! ^@^"

Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Studios, Nuffies are eligible to downloaded the online press kit of the movie for review purpose.

Lets start with character description:

Goku is a powerful, if reluctant warrior who learns his destiny is to protect the Earth from a dangerous rogue bent on dominating the Universe and controlling the mystical Dragonballs. (Always have spiky hair even he had already applied a lot of hair gel to smooth it down)


Bulma is a beautiful young woman – and a brilliant scientist and inventor – who’ll do anything to retrieve the Dragonballs. Her hard-nosed, take-no-prisoners attitude begins to change after she joins Goku on his epic quest to save the planet from unimaginable forces.

(Her vehicle show up like Transformer instead of "poof"!)


Roshi is a martial arts Master who guides Goku on the young man’s epic quest to save the Earth from the forces of darkness. He completes Goku’s training and helps him unlock the secret of his past. Roshi is unlike any Eastern Master you’ve seen before; he has an eye for the ladies and favors Hawaiian shirts. (The Roshi is not "botak" @ bold this time)


Chi Chi is the most popular girl in high school, but she has a secret life as a talented martial artist. She comes off like the girl next door, but when she turns it on, she kicks butt! Her beauty and abilities quickly capture Goku’s attentions. (No potrait poster for her...A big element of the evolution...Who made Goku know how to control his "Qi" with her attractive offers! )


Yamcha is a charismatic “bad boy” whose opportunistic schemes could thwart the heroes’ journey. But eventually, he joins them in their quest to locate the seven Dragonballs, becoming an invaluable part of their team. (Not sure if he like GreenTea, but I am nsure he like "YamCha")


Piccolo is a being of incredible power and a fearsome and formidable adversary for Goku. Bent on taking revenge against a race that has entrapped him for many years he searches for the Dragonballs to gain ultimate power. (Hard to find his picture, thought of using BuaYatz's picture...)

(At least Yat look better right? Haha)

Okay! Lets go to what happened before the show!! :)
I met my sister - DearBear3 and her boyfriend.
He is the one who helped me edit the picture for my Dragonball post ;p

Aiks, I didn't manage to win extra prizes besides two tickets.
But look at the brightside!
At least my sister got strike something right? ;p

She was required to redeem the prize at Nuffnang Office later on~
Hope it is something nice!!
There is one tip for everyone!
If you want to sit at behind row, redeem your tickets earlier! :)

Right before we went in the cinema, we were required to let them keep our Handphone, Camera and other recording device!
This is
WenPink with her stuff being packed
I wasn't able to take the picture of the security checking us as my camera was packed up too. They will scan you and ask, "Is there any metal at your private? I mean pockets!"

If you notice carefully, the "Silent/Switch off your handphone" message wasn't brought out this time ;p
And there is no PG-13 message by X-Pax. Maybe it is too rare to make one.
There we go, enjoyed the Dragonball BIG Evolution movie.


*After the show*
Why do I want to watch this movie?
To kill my time? To not staying at home doing nothing?
Nope, my main purpose was to go there and meet bloggers :)

Managed to have dinner with *lived on* Christ

And WenPink who warned me not to touch her lovely Christ
He is always yours okay? Haha!

After the show we redeemed our stuff back
KY that loving Greece and lots of food :)

And also Andrew from Drewnity!
I like his light art's photo :)

Why most of my pictures were taken with guyS? =.="
Why no Cindy, CheeserLand, FourFeetNine and a lot other ladies ??
Maybe it is because this is not a girl movie...

Other bloggers that I have met are Julian, Yee How(Haw), Marcus(Eng Soon), Huai Bin and more new faces. I think WenPink is the only female blogger I knew that day.
(I didn't manage to take photo of Huai Bin, again!)

It is nice to have a chance meeting new people from the blogsphere :)
Hope we can have better screening soon!
"Fast and Furious 4"
Will this a better movie for us?

Last but not least, thanks again Nuffnang and 20th Century Fox Studios!
To see the review, please visit my previous post~ ^@^"

My bro Chad Wiebeis is the Visual Effects Supervisors in this movie. Great?
Just kidding... Not much people with
"Chad" in his full name ar *wink*


Coming up next!! The 'Little" Black Book


  1. haha, i see that poster ady laugh. XD
    can't imagine the movie really... wakaka

  2. heys you!! i found you!! hahahaz

    waaa. you is mentioning me in here too! thnx.. *blushes*

    haha. sayang x sempat picture with you. lol

    ps. i linking you yes? hahahz

    kame hahahame haaaahahahahahah!!


  3. Haha! One is Marccus and another one is maRCus! ;p

    Take it as a kill time show :)

    Haha, you look so happy!
    Linking you too!


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