PSP @ Patapon

I wanna thanks Jian-Goh @ akiraceo for introducing "Patapon"
A cute music rhythmic PSP game
I think I already addicted to it even I haven't play before

This game made me wanna get a PSP to play that game because I can't find a working PSP emulator to play it on PC w/o using a PSP...
So...I am planning to buy a PSP but not sure which version to buy
Got PSP 1000/2000/3000
Price ranging from RM700-RM900
Some more according to my friends the price will keep rising due to Christmas+New Year+CNY
Is it true??

Anyone got "lobang" to let me buy a cheaper PSP ? ;p
Between, Patapon 2 is coming out and it is more special as can invite other people to join and play the game together ~

I am seriously looking for one PSP now ;p
If you have "lobang" to buy at cheaper price, please tell me!


  1. keke, need email to uncle santa liao.

  2. The 3000 cannot be cracked yet.. and its suffered from the screen interlacing problem...

    so most probably 2000 is the better choice at the moment..

    ohya patapon 2 is out.. i'm playing d XD lol

    the psp is getting exp when the newest 1 is found unable to be cracked... just hope the newest is crackable soon then 1000 and 2000 will drop .. hopefully

  3. [Jian Akiraceo (Miao)]
    Haha, nice to see you here ;p

    Means if I cant wait for cracked 3000 I will need to buy 2000 which increasing in price.

    The Patapon 2 you playing now is Japan version right?

    Thanks for this info ;p


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