Comic Fiesta'08: Pancake Merry X'mas~!

On 20th od Dec, I went to Sunway Pyramid's Comic Fair (CF) 2008 to help out my sister.
We are going to sell the stuffs made by HERself.
There were five different kinds of products:
  • Non-Edible Handmade Pancake HOT! (Successfull go into finalist for Best Handmake Souvenir~Congratz!)

  • Bear Cap (6 Limited edition with different design) HOT!
One of the lucky Bear Cap owner :)

  • Cat Ears (Black/White/Furred) HOT!
  • Beads Iron Made keychain
  • Postcard drawn by using Photoshop (Not EDIT)

The business that day is considered nice la.
The Cat Ears and the Bear Cap were the fast selling product.
Almost everywhere in the exhibition hall can see the customer wearing the Cat Ears ;p

Introducing the Maker of those Handmade souvenir!!


There were also display of Anime Toy Models

And CosplayS :)
Starwars Characters

"Harumi Suzumiya" got a pair of beautiful electrical* eye
Did you charged? Haha ^@^
And more cosplays

Pizza Ninja?

I'm waiting for my PSP to play you! ;p

In the noon, I "da bao" the Sisters Crispy Popiah as our lunch.
Too hungry, so didn't took the photo of the Popiah ^@^"

The "Christmas Show" in the Hall of Sunway Pyramid
Nice Christmas Tree :)

Saw this fella drawing art using Photoshop
Saw the touchscreen pad and the pen?
Yeap, he is drawing!

The leftover Pancake + dearbear3

The Pancake was too delicious!!
Even "Kon" from Bleach also want to have it!! :)

Belows are the Cosplay I like ;pShe looks like one of my friend ~
And this lovely Digimon Couple ahah
Heard the toy was made by them..~
And the girl behind not forgetting to promote her stuff

Tick-tock tick-tock the times flew!!

The exhibition was ended on 7PM and will continue on Sunday.
Dearbear3 is treating me dinner at "Asia Cafe"
There is alot of good + tasty food there!!
These were the PLUS size Apple & Carrot Juices

The "Happy Until Siao" Dearbear3 ;p

And the Tasty “Takoyaki” @ “章鱼小丸子”

Plus! The delicious “奶油鱼片饭”
The photo not nice, paiseh ;p

At the end of the day, I did get paid for helping her :P
RM15 Entry Pass paid by her
RM 50 for a day in the 2008 Comic Fair
Money was added to the budget for my up coming PSP!!

Still lack a few bucks.
Come come CNY
Waiting for your angpows ;p

Last, wish everyone have a Happy Merry X'mas and Happy Holiday~!!
*sniff sniff*
I flu oledi still want to go celebrate. Why dont you~? ;p


  1. meery xmas tian chad!

    btw , i like the stuff ur sis made ! awesome !
    and i like the paws and ears too !!

  2. Wakaka, I like that 粗暴band友 and the patapon cosplay~ XD

    btw, that one the artist use is know as Wacom brand one. Most designer or 3D artist use alot. Like Ah Beh company each person have one big one, keke, cost more than 1k er..

  3. [arashi]
    Thanks for the compliment :)
    The paw was not handmade by herself la ;p

    Haha you do?

    Wacom, now I know~

  4. haha, sure. should go hit the circle of the patapon, wakaka, must be very funny.


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