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Thean Hou Temple 天后宫 Photoshoot - Cayenne Lim

After sharing the photos of Alicia Phang @ Thean Hou Temple 天后宫, today is Cayenne Lim's turn~! Looking back at these photos that has been kept for so long (Since January) I personally think that I can do better and snap better photo of her. Anyway, feel free to comment and your critics will helps me improve for sure. Or else, how can I serve you better? [If you are interested to be my model la] Haha!

#1 Cayenne Lim - A blogger that I've knew since LG Cookie Monster Party

I remember I took this shot where I need to wait for the moment where the joystick's fume doesn't block her face.

But sometimes with the fume is good also I guess?

What I think about Cayenne is she has happy-go-lucky character. Therefore no emo photos of her ;p

#5 旺财!!

#6 I wish I can create further bokeh to blur the background...

#7 The moment of them being photoshoot by another cameraman!

#8 The hug

My eye bag so obvious *sigh*

Next up featuring.... YiChing Ong! Stay tune for her photos!! This is one of the photos of them having fun! =)

PS: Choose your favourite ONE photo and comment below!!

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