01 August 2011

Alicia Phang @ Thean Hou Temple 天后宫 Photoshoot

At last I've decided to process the photos taken during Chinese New Year. Sorry for the girls who are waiting for it. Maybe they have already forget about this too? haha!Thanks Feeq and Mynjayz for asking me to tag along and this is my first time taking photo of models dressing up with a theme. The theme is of course Chinese New Year and everyone dressed in Cheong Sam!

Photoshoot was taken at the infamous Thean Hou Temple 天后宫 and today I am featuring Alicia Phang in this photo post =) I am still noob in portraiture so please always feel free to comment!

#1 Alicia Phang with her golden white CheongSam




#5 Matching color high heels

#6 怡心园


#8 Praying to Guan Yin

#9 Which one is moving?

#10 Bokeh1

#11 Bokeh 2

#12 Bamboo Forest

#13 Chinese Painting

#14 Emo as the weather turn dark

#15 The next model that will be featured will be...

That's all for photos of Alicia Phang. Thanks for being the model being photoshoot by us ya! Every photo has been labeled with number and I do appreciate if you can pick top 3 favourite and comment below!

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