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The Making of Jay Chou ASUS N Series Laptop [Photos]

Wonder how Jay Chou ASUS N Series Laptop was designed? Here's a series of photo during the making of Jay Chou own unique style laptop for all ASUS & Jay Chou Fans.

In short, there are 4 steps before JayChou created his design:

  • Briefing
  • Concept
  • Sketch
  • Render
Enjoy the photos!! Some were cropped and adjusted the white balance for better view.

#1 Briefing

#2 Concept

#3 Sketch

Guess how many J has he wrote just for the keypad?

At last, Jay Chou ASUS N Series Laptop was born and now available in the market:
The price and specification of ASUS N Series Jay Chou Special Edition (N43SL) will vary between countries in the region. In Malaysia, it will cost RM2,799 and is expected to be available in the middle of July.

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