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Painting Swimming Fu Gua Tong @ Puchong

Before I was able to enjoy good view in the water, I was busy "practicing" my drawing skill, with the white paint and grills.

Paint, Paint, Paint!

Different kind of painting tools and paint does create different kind of result. Satisfied with the result today and it is all because of the team work!! *bangga mood*

So this is me resting in the pool after just a few laps. Acting stylo naked in front of the camera wtf

Found a pair of legs that caught my attention. Reminded me of our winning video in Slurpee Funniest Video. She is definitely a natural talented actor. LOL

PS: Do not watch it if you have weak heart wtf

After working so hard painting the grill, swimming so relaxing in the pool and consumed more oxygen from the atmosphere. I am down with good dinner treat. Fu Gua Tong @ Puchong!! *nom nomm*

Between, here's Mizz Nina feat Flo Rida - Takeover Music Video on MTV

All right, that's all from "random Chad" today!! Wish you had a good Saturday =)

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