31 March 2009

My First Earth Hour @ CapSquare! 8TV Crews Rocks!

The main course "Earth Hour" has arrived!!
*Please beware that there are a lot of 'dishes' to be served*
*Might cause eye constraint ar...*

Here comes the Bag Pipe Performer
They are leading us across the Walk of Hope
The CHARM Cheerleader was performing on the stage
The guy can spread his leg super duper wide!

Performance of CHARM was recorded by "Running with Passion"

The 8 finalist of One in a Million '09 (OIM)
I only recognize Tomok

Everybody is at the Start Line :)

One of the Bag Pipe performer

The sky is still bright, KL Tower switched on its light

Everybody was prepared at the starting line and I met someone who I want to meet ^@^~
Belinda Chee, again XD
This is my third time saw her in person~
Prem Bongster Shanker was beside her
I am happy that she recognized me!

Gary Yap & Natalie Xiao Yu was cam-whoring~

A camera girl that holding the video cam way up high

Saw the funny and happy face? :D

My third photo with Belinda Chee~ XD
Eventually now I become a star chaser...

The sky getting dark and the time has come!

Group photo for the organizer
Now I become one of the media besides being a star chaser ;p

It is 7.30PM!! Ready? Lets go!!

The "Orang Asli" marching in front
They are so batik :)

"Freshen Up Your Sundays"

Take picture while walking

The lovely couple Gary Yap & Natalie Xiao Yu
Thought of taking pict with Xiao Yu but it is not good to let Gary do that right? XD

The walking crowd

My five Earth Hour Buddy that night
Li Ern + Alicia + Sarita Chan + Sok Yee + Yuan Ni

I wonder why I always separated with them ;p
Maybe I keep taking photo??
I keep going faster/slower around the crowd and suddenly saw Rina Omar(with her BF) besides me
Picture time~!
This is my second time to meet her in person!!
She really rocks in Quikie, even outside here
*We were actually cam-whoring while walking*
*Over exposed, but it make Rina looks so fair*

Rina Omar with her BF
Don't disturb ar :X

For just around 15 minutes, we finished the walk and back to the Central Point.

Why is Rina hiding behind Belinda?

Considered of my reader's eye health
Please close your eye and relax for a period of time.
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I am now a judge for "No Vulgar Challenge"

Eventually I become the judge of a challenge between Nicole and Marccus
What challenge?

The date for Nicole and Marccus to start the challenge is 1st April 2009 - 30 April 2009.
Who ever want to join is welcome!

Here's the Terms and Conditions for the Challenge
*Warning: Reading under parent's guidance is required for kids ages 12 and below*

No Vulgar Challenge
  • To start the challenge, challenger must be a human and 1 years older and above
  • Challenger can be Male and/or Female.
  • No entry fee necessary.
  • By entering the Challenge, challenger must not process the following Vulgar word in any form such as writing, speaking, signaling, whispering, eye-messaging:
  1. Kan Le Ma/ Kan
  2. Pu Ki Ma/ Puki Ma/ Puki/
  3. Lan Chiao/ Lan Ciao/ Lan/
  4. Kiong Kan
  5. Chao Chi Bai/ Cao Ci Bai/ Chao Ci Bai/ Cao Chi Bai/
  6. Chao hai/ Cao hai
  7. Chao Bi/ Cao Bi/ Chao B/ Cao B
  8. Ma Chao Hai/ Ma Cao Hai
  9. Ma Hai
  10. Diu/ Tiu
  11. Jiak Sai
  12. Lu Sai Sai
  13. So Hai
  14. Diu Lan Hai
  15. Diu Hai
  16. Fuck/ fucker
  17. Bastard
  18. Bitch
  19. Shit
  20. Damn/ damnn/ damnnnn
  21. Dick
  22. Boobs
  23. Ass/ asshole/ assholes
  24. Ham ka chan/ ham ka can
  25. Ham ka ling/ ham ka lin
  26. Celaka
  27. What the fuck/ Wat the fuck/ wat d fuck/ what d fuck/ WTF
  28. Kanasai/ kana/ kannasai/ kanna/ kns

  • Any abbreviation, symbol or combination that represent or eventually bring the meaning to the above list will considered as Vulgar word.
  • There is a period of one month for this challenge. After end of each Challenge cycle, challenger may continue for new challenge.
  • Successful challenger will be entitled a name, Good Boy! (for male) or Good Girl! (for female) or Good! (for whatever).
  • Who ever wish to terminate from challenge before One month period will entitled a name, LOSER.
  • The list of Vulgar word will update without any prior notice, challenger should time to time check the list whenever there is any updates.
  • Any person who break the rules will be fine RM 1.00 = USD 0.38 each time ONE vulgar word is release, pronounce, or written. Money will then be donated to McDonald or KFC, donation box.
  • Challenger will requires to make a pledge thru his and/or her network, using blog, facebook, friendster, email, newspaper publishing, radio broadcasting, and any other media is allowed.
  • The commencement of the challenge will require a written and published the below information:
Name of Challenger:
Challenger contact Email:
Name of Judge:

Judge contact Email:

Period of Challenge: dd/mm/yyyy - dd/mm/yyyy

Status of Challenge: (Challenging, Complete, Terminated)


Successful Challenge: (Number of successful Challenge)

A selected judge must be fulfill the following criteria:
  • Close friend/ intimate partner.
  • Have very frequent conversation or contact.
  • Able to be contact time to time.

Please note that rules may updates without any notice.

Since i was the judges, when you saw my blog post the challenge has just started
Let's see how much donation we can collect

Tian Chad
Who become a judge out of a sudden

30 March 2009

Earth Hour & KL Design Week (KLDW) @ CapSquare

Here come my first part of Earth Hour "report" :)

The ticket for Earth Hour Walk of Hope @ CapSquare
RM 10.00 that was for donation and we are able to get one 60 Earth Hour T-Shirt
(While Stock Last)
This is the GB Crew (Green black)
YengYeng, LiErn and her two friend (Mandy? and ???)
Forgot oledi XD

After took LRT from Tasik Selatan to Bandarraya
We walk a distance to reach CapSquare
Notice the "BIG Bird's Egg" on the ground?
They are actually seats for us.
An artistic place right?

Since we are a bit "late"
Which is only 5PM something
The 60 Earth hour T-Shirt has already out-of-stock!! >.<

What we get was actually the Night Glowing Earth Hour Bracelet

We need to take action without just a hope.
That's why a "Walk of Hope" was here!!

3R - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The SHARK Brocher man
*Thanks for pose for me :)*

WWF was actually selling some Collar Pins, T-Shirts of "Save the Turtle" and T-Shirt with "Panda Butt Logo"
Of course, open for donation

There is a Cheer Leader Booth - CHARM
Since YengYeng so generous to help me
I took a photo with one of the cheer leaders :)

Since we have so much time left, we went to visit KL Design Week 2009 Exhibition
Which is on first(1st) floor of Capsquare

The HEXA Project
Do you know what are they?

Clearer now, any clue?
A closer look at the big DARUMA Doll
Any idea??
Cos I am not sure what are they doing with it.
Putting slides/animation on Daruma's face?

Something by Hexa project

Their name card are cool
I wish I will have one like this :)

There is a booth with specially designed necklaces
This is a pair of necklace specially for couples
There is also necklace made of Copper Coins
Some designated T-Shirt
We played with the UltraRed WebCam + Monitor
We can actually disappeared if stand still without moving

Some arts for sell :)
If I have my own new house, I might decorate it using these.
It is so youngster and colourful XD

This is the booth that I love the most
It's a "Bead of an Idea"
The designer is 3G
I mean Gigi Gee from Blue Orchid Studio ~

Her handmade bracelets, necklaces and earings are all very fine and beautiful
Some more the beads are all handmade and so detailed

For example this earing
Did you saw the 3D out-looks?

You need a lot of patience and skills to made these stuff~
It cost us RM 30 a pair.
I would say it worth and you won't feel heavy on your ears~

That's why I am impressed with Gigi Gee @ 蒋雪蘭
For those who interested, please contact her :)

What did you saw?

A face? Or pieces of newspaper :)

Cute Flying Bats by BATDNA
One of the art that eaten by me.
No la, it is my lunch XD
English Smoke Chicken Sandwitch @ Rm4.00

The Recycle Logo
Message given by Heineken
An interesting illustration on the bag
"I'm not squid, I'm plastic bag"
The 'Squid' that had kill numerous of turtle...
We were at the
Secret Tent Design Bazaar @ CapSquare KL
10.00 AM - 5.00 PM
My favorite tent
Saw the artist inside?
She was drawing the "We are Closed" hanger :)
And this is her partner
He was wearing an artistic trouser
And you can only see it from his back ;p
This is Sook Yi with a Twitter Cookie :)
The Twitter Logo comes alive~
Can be eaten too! XD
A macro shot for Twitter
Sook Yi bought a bag for her lunch box from Delectable
The BIG Mario Sugar Cake

Since it is approaching 7.30PM
I went to the START line of "Walk of Hope" to take some other pictures
There were funny clowns around
The best tree decorated with Earth Hour Bag
Wearing as blue as me :)
Later on, someone came and greeted me when I was taking the picture.
He was the flamboyant RED Rames :)
Even his camera bag was red!!
Isn't he very hot?
I mean, spicy red hot XD
He was there with Mila, a friend with RED cloth too.
I misunderstood that they are wearing couple shirts ^@^"
Or I didn't?

You have just finished the appetizer "KL Design Week '09"
Please wait for the main course "Earth Hour"
It will be served very soon!!

Here is a teaser~ and the story continued here

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