STELLAR: Stella Chung @ Mahkota Parade

STELLAR: Stella Chung @ 鍾曉玉

After I have manage to get my sister her first pair of Contact lenses
I wanted to go back Nokia Booth to visit Nokia 5800 XpressMusic for one more time :)

Will I able to get it from Nuffnang Music Bash '09?
*~Finger Crossed~*

I feel curious again because I saw people gathering around at the Central Hall.
Looks like something will going on :)
So I ask if my sister want to stay as it is going to be 2 pmYeap! It is Stella Chung that coming to Mahkota Parade.
And she doesn't come late

Here she is!! Stella Chung @ 鍾曉玉

This is the emcee that responsible to heat up the ambience ;p
He is actually asking easy question about Stella Chung's Music Photo Album
to let us win foods voucher easier

Stella has a bright smile :D

And looks pretty + cute
Stella was singing that time

After Stella finished one song, the emcee was looking for people to play game
I still remember the girl standing beside me jumping with raised hand asking for it
I was standing very near to the stage and no one else want to go
So the emcee was trying to grab either me or my sis to go up stage...

You know who was chosen...
At first, we introduced our self
And when it was my turn.
The emcee can't hear what I said
So Stella repeated my name one more time
Isn't she a good listener? XD

The emcee also asked if I have a girlfriend and who she is
I replied "No, but I hope she is Stella" *blushed*
(I do it on purpuse, and I mean it ;p Who don't want a celebrity to be his partner?)

We were requested to say some blessing stuff for Stella
I still remember I used a super simple sentence
"Stella will be the superstar!!"

Then it was this little girl and the other guy's turn
They can say much more than me

In the end, everyone managed to get the prize as Stella can't decide who was the winner because all giving her a positive wish ;p
I would say she has a good memory as she remembered my name when giving the prize XD

Okay, I am back down to stage. Stella continued to sing
She was pointing at me saying that I can be her boyfriend!!
Just Kidding!! XD
She was actually saying that people around me all having HUGE DSLR Camera.
I was using my compact camera though.
So not including me la ;p

So, she posed for us, the camera man with small + big gun

I would say my picture can looks a lot better if I used wireless flash?
This picture look so clear!!
She was singing and came down shaking hand with her fans
Since me and my sister standing in front.
We managed to shake hands with her XD

She was looking at me when shaking hand with my sis
Haha I'm blushed again >.<
My sister told me her hand is very smooth and really pretty ;p
Yeap she is :)
B'cos I got shake hand with her on stage just now?

Last but not least, a "couple" photo of me with Stella Chung after the game end!!
Thanks for my sister that took this photo!! XD

My sis heard that pink shirt girl shouted "Err~I also want!!! " but blocked by the emcee
Don't worry she still have chance for the album signing session right? XD

Haha, this is the moment I went on to the stage coincidentally.
I don't know she will be there that day that time you like Stella??


Hurley said…
lol...ask her to give u a goodbye kiss ma! wasted!
WayeYoung said…
wow she is pretty!

I wish she didn't wear those black leggings though lol :P

Awesome for you man! *envy* XD
cklim said…
wah, so envy you hv ths great opp. :-)
TianChad田七 said…
Would you ask for goodbye kiss from a person you know on first day? =.="

[Waye young]
Yeah, she is really gorgeous~
Don't envy me. You will have the opportunity too!!

Don't envy la, I was just lucky~
I am sure your side there alot more celebrity.
Remember take picture with them if saw any wor.
The M said…
omg.. she so charming!!


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