DCIM Velocity Angel '09 @ Mid Valley

DCIM ' 09 Velocity Angels are captured!! :)
Just a short update...
Too much photo I took and now need to eliminate some of them

I thought of locate the place first then go for lunch and go back again
But when I saw a bunch of DSLR users has came earlier to spot a good place.
I will just go and find my spot too ;p
Luckily I got eat breakfast just now!!

Basically there are 3 session
The first session is posing with a product - Camera

Second is show the best pose you got in Cheong Sam
Expression is important too!!

The last session!! The Black Gown series
Did you notice one of them inside is the emcee - Kim Ong? XD

Kim Ong can be one of the angel too :)
I would say she is a good emcee because when the VIP were late
She came up and console all the photographer who are tired of waiting
Besides that, she was calm and did a great job as a emcee~

is my favourite!!
Cos she looks really cool with a DSLR
A bit looks like Tom Raider

Sexy & gorgeous in the gown :)
Does Kimberly looks like Gong Li @ 巩俐?

Amber Chia was one of the judges today
I can only get this shot because I using burst shot and she posing for all of us
I would say she is smart and be considerate for the photographer
We get the picture, she appear on Flickr and eventually increased her popularity? ;p
She look briliant!

In the end
The winner of Velocity Angel Most Photogenic goes to Normera

The winner of Velocity Angel Best Body - Kimberly

The winner of Velocity Angel Best Look - Chloe

and the overall winner of Velocity Angel is ?????
I can't recognize her >.<
and the other one Velocity Angel
is Felicia!!
*No photo of her with the flower bcs camera run out of battery =.="*

Congratz to all who won!! :)
For those who didn't please don't feel sad!
Look at the brightside, it is great to be one of 12 of the Velocity Angels right?

Take it as experience & make your self better next time~! ^@^"

*Still got tons of picture waiting for process!! *
Stay tuned for full report!! ~


EVo said…
Yo chad!whoa hot-looking ladies u got there dude...got any of their digits or not?ahahaa...
TianChad田七 said…
EVo!! Got their picture but not their number la ^@^"

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