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Lucky Hari Haji

Going back Puchong on Hari Haji and every Malay I saw wearing good-looking clothes
My bus departure at 1 PM and I reach Puchong's house around 5 PM...

DELIMA- the bus service I use to go back Puchong

The air conditioner in the bus was not open and I ask the driver to switched it on after he departure.
I asked:" Bang, boleh buka air-cone tak?"
He replied:" Tadi kan I dah cakap, air-cone sudah rosak!"
Silently I go away...I'm sure the driver very "bo-song" working on his holiday.
I thought we all will get suffocated in the bus as no window can be opened...

Luckily the driver bring us to the DELIMA's Garage to change to another bus.

The new bus also sent to hospital before, you can hear the bus engine's sound very very loud.
But at least air conditioner is working.
Praying the new bus wont broken in the middle of the road.

This driver very good at "entertaining" us
When he happy he accelerate fast, and when he happy again he decelerate and press the break as hard as he can.
So... on the way we just shifting front-and-back, can't even rest on the bus...

After 2 and a half hours passed, I arrived Pudu and take MetroBus No. 20 to go back Puchong.
The ticket fare is RM 2.50 for public holiday(Usual day RM 2)
Means everyone is giving ang-pao of RM0.50 to MetroBus~
This driver also very "yong", drive very fast and I thought I will get home earlier.
But...suddenly heard some weird noises and a lot of metal sounds came out from the back of the bus.

Again, we were forced to stop by at nearest bus-stop to wait for another Metrobus No. 20....
So today I used 4 buses to get back to Puchong.
Very lucky can!

Anyway, as long as I am safe getting home is enough oledi la ;p
Happy Hari Haji to my reader :)

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