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06 December 2008

Congratulations!! Or the other way round

My friend Seok Ling recently receive a notification letter from someone.
And said that she could win USD $ 13,771,800.00
All you need to do is feel in your profile
Especially your available Visa and its CVV/CCV code

The thing that made me impressed is the way people tried to scam
The letter was so real and well designed!

Forgot to take picture of the mail as it is specially designed too!

I would like to remind you all that be careful with what you are going to fill
Usually CVV/CCV code will only be used during online transaction.
We shouldn't let others people know even there is a form ask you to fill in the code.

Nowadays there are a lot of ID stealers using others people MASTER/VISA Card to apply for Paypal account once they record down your card number and the
CVV/CCV code.
And then they will use it to buy things where you are the one paying for them!
So be careful when you are paying using

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