Windows 8 Review - SkyDrive, New UI Features and Usability

Windows 8 Launched In Malaysia in November

So now you've heard of Windows 8 and a series of new PC, laptop, tablets including convertibles are made available with Windows 8 operating system. I personally think that Windows 8 is released and highly linked to gadget with touch screens as most of the User Interface features are made easier to use with it.

So what if you want to install Windows 8 on your current computer? Yes you can but first you should run the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant to make sure your PC can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro before purchase (you can run it without purchasing). To upgrade to Windows 8 Pro, your PC must be running Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Consumer Preview, or Windows 8 Release Preview.

I've got myself a copy of Windows 8 and installed within just half an hour after formatted my old PC's harddisk. (Make sure you did your backup) It is really fast and all I need to do is choose what kind of setting  I want for my new OS. Below is how my current Windows 8 Start Screen looks like:

Windows 8 Start Screen with my favourite apps shortcut
Start screen is the first thing you'll see every time after you login. Each tile on the Start screen is connected to a person, app, website, playlist, or whatever else is important to you. Tiles light up with the latest info, so you're instantly up to date. In one glance, you'll see that photo you were just tagged in, tomorrow’s weather, and messages from your friends.

Well, the layout is pretty easy to setup and you can always customize your Start Screen layout with your favourite applications and software that you frequently use. As for me I always use Picasa 3, Lightroom and Photoshop. You can now easily open your favourite apps from your Start Screen and close it by just dragging it all the way down to the screen.

As you can see I've also installed a few applications from Microsoft Windows App Store (remember, you need Windows 8 or Windows RT to use the Store.) You can download games and useful apps from Windows Store and it makes your Windows able to do more than just a normal PC can do. What I mean is last time you can only do what your tablet/phone can do but cannot be done on Desktop, but now with Windows Store, you can do more things on your PC as well. If you have a touchscreen, you will definitely have a better gaming experience when playing 'Cut The Rope' game and 'Angry Bird'.

Microsoft Window Stores - A place to download Windows Application
I am actually happy with Windows 8 as in future a Windows phone will able to do what a PC can do and vice versa.  Especially something like open Microsoft Words/Microsoft Excel documents on your phone and edit it on the spot.

Weather forecast report on the side panel while processing photos using Picasa 3
Windows 8 supports connect to multiple screens and this is good news for people who like to multitask or want a bigger screen. You may do photo-editing on one screen while checking out live updates of your friends FB/Twitter status through another screen. Here are some of the applications I've installed after download from Windows Store. Check out some of the apps I've installed and recommend as below:

TLVstagram - An apps to check out photos from your favourite hashtag

Windows 8 Built-in Travel Apps offering 360 Panoramic view of the place

Eatsnearby - A Windows Apps that help you find what's good to eat nearby your location. 
Eatsnearby - I use this apps to find what's good to eat around where I located. You can always use this apps to check out new restaurant or event special promo made available at their outlet.

MUSIXmatch - An apps to check out the popular hit songs in your country/around the world with lyrics

Top Songs in Malaysia using MUSIXmatch
You can use MUSIXmatch to figure out nice and current hits song in Malaysia and top in the world. Seems like PSY Gangnam Style is still a big hit around the world!  Oppa oppa!

MUSIXmatch - Lyrics for "Little Things - One Direction"

Windows SkyDrive - Online Storage
Windows SkyDrive act just like Dropbox. You can upload your files to SkyDrive so you can access them from any device and share them with other people. With SkyDrive, you'll never be without the documents, photos and videos that matter to you. I think the default storage space for SkyDrive is 7GB and you can always choose to upgrade your storage space at affordable price.

SkyDrive Upgrade Option - 20GB for RM32/year, 50GB for RM80/year, 100GB for RM160/year
If only higher capacity is cheaper, people would purchase bigger amount =) Just like DropBox, SkyDrive is now available at Google Play Store too =) You should try it out.

Windows 8 new layout
There are many new features in Windows 8 and it still does keep the features in Windows 7 and Windows XP. Therefore all you need to do is to learn the new GUI interface of Windows 8. I was wondering how to Shut Down Windows 8 since the Task Bar has disappeared. If you want to know how to shut down Windows 8 in just one clickvisit this site to learn the quick Windows 8 shutdown trick.

Facebook Feed on Windows 8 

What Do You Think about Windows 8?
In short, you need a device that can support Windows 8 and best to have touch screen enabled as you can do lots of new tricks by just pinching and stretching on the screen. A brand new and more detailed Task Manager that helps you monitor your computer software/applications that are using the resources on your PC. Windows SkyDrive that offer you more online storage space and can do even more stuff when compared with iCloud, GoogleDrive and DropBox. The other specialty of Windows 8 would be none other than Windows Apps Store, you can download several useful applications and use on both your PC and tablet, this make our life easier as we can now do something that different gadgets can do.

If you like to make your life easier and experience new thing, you should consider getting Windows 8 now. I am waiting for the release on new ultrabook that has touch screen and support Windows 8. With that, my life will be easier and I can have more fun with it. If you are still using WinXP, you better upgrade your OS now or else you will be outdated with the latest technologies. For more information, visit Microsoft Malaysia website now.

[Windows 8 Upgrade Promotion]
I've got good news to share with you! From today onwards, it is the best time to upgrade your PC to Windows 8 Pro. For those who bought Windows 7 PC from Jun 2 onwards, they can upgrade to Windows 8 with USD 14.99 (RM49.92). For more logon to

As for those who has PC and would like to install or upgrade to Windows 8, they can purchase it at USD39.99 (RM122). Both offers last till 31 Jam 2012 only so HURRY!

For more, logon to Cheers!

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