Philips AquaTouch: To Shave or not to Shave? #Philips50Shaves

"Does TianChad really need a shaver?" 

If you ask me 5 years ago, no I don't need it at all. I wonder if I should consider myself unlucky/lucky because I only start growing more facial hair compared to last time. The bad thing is I have one less thing to show my manliness and a chance to style my "rare moustache"; the good thing is I don't need to shave everyday to make myself looks fresh! Hahaha. I guess all thanks to my genes?

PS: Thanks to papa and mama.

Selected for "50 shaves of the Modern Man" Review.

Anyway, I would like to congrats all 10 reviewers (including myself) being selected for "50 shaves of the Modern Man" Review.  Among all the reviewers, I am the only one who has shaving experience of less than 5 years wahahaha (T.T)!

All right let me introduce all the reviewers especially the modern men who attended the briefing the other day:

"50 shaves of the Modern Man" Reviewers

Khai Hassan -
Muhammad Edwin Masripan -
Isaac Tan -
Syed M. Ruhani Rabin -
Pradeesh Parameswaran -
Bro Framestone -
Ariff Shah - 
Michael Yip -
Galvin Tan -

With Ben Ashaari and his cute son Qhaliff

I don't know what happened but due to personal reason the mighty father Ben Ashaari has pulled out himself from the review... anyhow it was great to meet Ben and his family again =) I met Qhaliff's super-young-mom too!

When I told Qhaliff that me and his papa are one of the reviewers for Philips AquaTouch, this is the expression he gave:

"Really? You tak ada misai macam mana mau cukur? Hahaha" - Qhaliff 'said' with his smile

Luckily Qhaliff haven't really know how to speak yet, or else I would be hiding at one corner..... JUST KIDDING!! I guess I just got the skill to do funny face and make Qhaliff smile naively. *self-praise* Any parents want me to snap photos for their baby/babies? You can check out here for my previous Baby Photoshoot Assignment featuring Baby Seng

That day, Kuah Jenhan, who is one of the talented Stand Out Comedian in Malaysia was the special guest, to share his shaving tips with us. At first I thought he was going to tell us jokes AND shaving on the spot.
Kuah Jenhan made fun of me because I don't have much facial hair like him.... T.t

You may wanna check out Jenhan's way of making us laugh =) Watch this video!

Of course we are still friends after that hahaha
*Check out Jenhan's flower print tie, is it a sign of modern men/playboy? hahaha*

Finally me and BroFramestone are here together again since our last phone review project.

Today, I am going to introduce the Philips AquaTouch Electric Shaver I got after the briefing:
Philips AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver (AT750)
"The Philips AquaTouch comes with a patented Aquatec technology which allows both comfortable dry shaves and refreshing wet shaves. Its rounded low friction protection heads and dual blade system adjust to the curves of your face and glide smoothly to offer great skin protection and a super smooth shave.

Easy to clean and maintain, the AquaTouch is also 100% waterproof and a single charge is good for 40 minutes of shaving time."

The content of the box for Philips AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver (AT750)
An Electric Shaver, cleaning brush, protection cap, power plug and lots of reading material including manual and warranty card
Since I don't have that much facial hair to trim on my face, Philips AquaTouch AT750 is definitely enough for me. For me, all I need is a shaver that can give me smooth shave, no irritation after shave and can do more than just dry shave. I never really got the chance to shave during shower until I got this waterproof device to play with.

The 'back-side' of Philips AquaTouch AT750
It's ergonomic design let me hold this shaver easily and yeah you only need to change the blades every 2 years. In short, below is some features of Philips Aquatouch Model AT750:

  • Also use wet for enhanced skin comfort: Optimized for use with gel or foam for enhanced skin comfort
  • Protect your skin: Glides smoothly over the curves of your face
  • Shave smooth: For a comfortably close shave
  • Ease of use: Washable shaver with QuickRinse system and 40+ minutes of cordless shaving on one charge

Here's the looks of the three shaving blades with Skin Protection System
These blades are bouncy when you touch and put pressure on it =)
According to the manual, Philips AquaTouch equipped with rounded low-friction protection heads that adjust automatically to the curves of your face. It us the "Super Lift and Cut Action" to lifts your hairs to cut comfortably closer, which eventually reduce chance of irritation.

Check out how the blades looks like:
Transformer like shaving blades in this electric shaver. It just look so cool =D

Even Chocolate bear has more hairs than me... No worries I won't shave him, maybe just his moustache haha

This is how I looks like with that huge patch of "misai"
I can't imagine myself with this look though

In my next blogpost, I will share more about my opinion after using this new electric shaver. Let see what I can do with this 100% waterproof shaver!!

"If you want to see TianChad do a shaving video, start giving a Thumbs Up DAILY at the link below!"

win your very own AquaTouch worth RM399!!
Win your very own AquaTouch worth RM399!!
To all readers! You can win your very own AquaTouch worth RM399!! You only need to answer a very simple question and submit a quick slogan to win this!. At the same time you are able to submit UNLIMITED entries for the contest!
Click to vote for us daily! For the cute bear too ya ;p

PS: Videos of JenHan sharing shaving tips and me unboxing Philips AquaTouch will be uploaded asap. Stay tuned to this page as you can get a chance to win this brand new modern shaver home weekly!

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