Samsung GALAXY Camera Review @ Malaysia Launch

The models with Samsung GALAXY Camera
Samsung GALAXY Camera, the 1st Android based camera with 3G capabilities was launched in Malaysia during end of November at Ciao Ristorante Restaurant and fireworks were blasted into the sky at the end of the event. I've been waiting for its launch in Malaysia ever since I saw the video on YouTube. It was great to be the first few to check out this new concept gadget in Malaysia.

Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director, Samsung Malaysia Electronics snapping photos of model using Samsung GALAXY Camera

Sammsung GALAXY Camera collaboration with local telco to launch attractive data plan package

I brought home 4 Samsung GALAXY Camera that day. Just kidding ;p
There were 4 lucky media members who manage to bring it home!

Samsung GALAXY Camera Specification:
  • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
  • 121.1 MM (4.8"), 308 ppi, HD super clear touch display
  • 1080P full HD video recording
  • 1.4 GHz quad-core processor
  • 3G/Wifi connection
  • Powerful 21X optical zoom lens
  • 23 MM wide angel lens
  • 16.3 Megapixel ½.3" BSI CMOS

First Impression on Samsung GALAXY Camera
If you look at Samsung GALAXY Camera as a phone, you will feel that it is a bulky gadget that cannot make usual phone call (still can use Skype); If you perceive it as a camera, it is a good zoom camera that you can use to snap photo and control everything through the touch screen but with slower response.

For me I look at Samsung GALAXY Camera as a new kind of gadget with extreme zoom lens attached at the back of the phone. If you like to do instant social sharing through photos, especially Instagram Fans, you will definitely like this gadget as it helps you capture better quality photos and photos can be added to your  gallery and share with friends instantly. Imagine you can now do beautiful self-portrait with its SMART scene mode and awesome fireworks photos in just seconds then share directly to your Facebook wall! This would be a great tool for me to do instant social sharing!

The only down side of current Samsung GALAXY Camera is you'll still need a proper phone with you if you always need to make/receive call especially when data coverage is not supported at your area. However, this will be solved if you are using the Samsung GALAXY Camera that is paired with a telco's data plan with the widest coverage - Celcom First Data Lite plan

Samsung GALAXY Camera from Celcom at RM 1,499
Get your brand new Samsung GALAXY Camera from Celcom at RM 1,499

Samsung GALAXY Camera pair with Celcom First Data Lite

With Celcom First Data Lite, you’ll enjoy 1.5GB of data with speeds of up to 1.5Mbps at only RM48/month. With it you can take stunning photos, edit them on the spot, and post to your favourite social media straight from the camera itself, with seamless connectivity of the best data plan. Plus you will get to enjoy the Samsung Galaxy Camera from as low as RM1,499 (RRP:RM1,899), with the advantages of Celcom First. That’s RM400 saved in your pocket! 

For more information about getting Samsung GALAXY Camera from the telco who has the widest coverage with quality network, visit now.

Photography and slogan contest  for the media members
There was a competition for media where we will need to choose one of the category (Fashion, Dance, Arts, Scenery). Oh well I choose the hardest one (in my opinion)and was really impressed with a bunch of talented dancers. I bet you guys are the most tired one as you need to dance non-stop for us to capture your photos haha.

*Dance photo captured using my DSLR*

Since it was my first time using Samsung GALAXY Camera to capture the moment, I find that you will need some patience while adjusting the setting manually (eg. Set ISO, Shutter Speed, ISO, etc) Or else, just use the SMART AUTO mode or the correct SCENE mode to make your photoshoot a lot easier. The camera is great at capturing fast-movement scene with the its fast shutter mode, 20 photos in one consecutive click? Possible with Samsung GALAXY Camera =)

I can't give you the complete review of Samsung GALAXY Camera yet as I was just  playing a while with it during the launch. Therefore, it is still best for you to try it out at any available Samsung Retail outlets. 
A funny dancer spotted during our photo challenge
*Dance photo captured using my DSLR*

Group photo with the talented dancers!! *bravo!*
*Dance photo captured using my DSLR*

Art photography section was just besides us, I like the eye the most!

Sunset scenery at Ciao Ristorante Restaurant

Happy chef with his handmade chocolate =)
Awesome finger foods were provided during the event and I gotta thank Samsung Malaysia and  of  course the chefs behind all these foods. Don't know  why I feel  happy when I can capture the chef with their own art-piece =)

One of the picture captured with blogger buddies - Daniel CHiam and Alex Lim =)

Fireworks at the end of Samsung GALAXY Camera Launch in Malaysia!!
*Photo captured using my DSLR*
Gorgeous fireworks were blasted into the sky at the end of Samusng GALAXY Camera Launching event. Yes, you can now capture awesome fireworks photo as above without using a DSLR. All you need is a Samsung GALAXY Camera and you can share immediately with your friends!

Where to buy Samsung GALAXY Camera
Samsung GALAXY Camera retail price is RM1,899. For more information about Samsung GALAXY Camera, visit Remember to get Samsung GALAXY Camera from the best telco who has the widest coverage with quality network, visit now to save up to RM400!

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