Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia & House Roadshow Challenge - I Can Do It!!

Fear Factor is back in Malaysia with 30 celebrities in this season!!

Coming this December 29th, Astro is bringing us Malaysia's very own Fear Factor Fearless Challenge that will test human's fears to their limits! Mental vs Physical. Which one is more important? I guess you might have seen a big guy who is afraid of cockroach. He might be doing great in keeping fit but he is really weak with his mind when dealing with crawling creatures.

I for myself is the opposite, although I not really good in fitness, don't have six-pack and can't run far, but I may have a strong mental for this game!! I am not afraid of height, not afraid of water, not afraid of darkness, not even afraid of ghost haha (because I haven't seen any in my life yet...)

Catch eels with bare hands
 Since I can catch eels with bare hands, I think I can handle with snakes, I think.....Haha

I've face the fear of height by doing bungy jump at Sunway Lagoon:
No. 66 was my lucky number to do the bungy jump

Here is a video of me doing the bungy jump~! Must watch cos you can hear  my friend laughing so loud "Hahaha!" as my head was sliding through the water.It tasted not bad actually... Just kidding

However, something that could scare me off is by eating something spiky, with lots of furry legs AND poisonous! I guess I should always get my phone besides me so that I can google the creature they ask me to eat during the Fear Factor House Roadshow.

What Roadshow? Nuffnang Malaysia is inviting 30 Nuffnangers to participate the Fear Factor House roadshow, and the participants would stand a chance to win awesome prizes: 

Woah so many prizes by just fighting your fear!! Sounds easy!!

Grand Prize
Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch 2.9GHz
RM1,500 Cash

1st Runner Up
Canon EOS 650D kit (EFS 18-55 IS II)

2nd Runner Up
The New Apple iPad 64GB

Best Buzz Blogger (I am not sure how this work but could be for the supporter?)
Apple iPad 2
RM1,000 Cash

Since I don't really have a good laptop that allows me to travel around and handle all works (Photo processing, video editing, blogging),  and this is a great chance for me to win it, I will do whatever it takes to win this contest nyahaha (just don't let me eat spider...) Like the video below:

She ate a African Cave-Dwelling Spiders!!!

Malaysia's own 30 brave celebrities joining Fear Factor!!
30 selected celebrities were divided into 15 groups to face the numerous challenges prepared at Cape Town:
  • Dr Faiz & Jehan Miskin
  • Farish Aziz & Akim AF7
  • Celina Khor & Arthur Tan
  • Atu Zero & Azri AF9
  • Ajak Shiro & Elfira Roy
  • Alif Hadi & Gambit Saifullah
  • Alam Wakaka & Arja Lee
  • Zoey Rahman & Dafi
  • Iz OIAM & Zawen
  • Johan Ashaari & Kaka Ashraff
  • Roslan Shah & Azam Pitt
  • Dazrin & Hairul Azreen
  • Didie Alias & Norisham Ismail
  • Hafizul On Air & Hefny On Air

 Let's check out the trailer of Fear Factor Celebrity Malaysia:

Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia 

As what I seen from the trailer, I saw celebrities jump into the air, facing with snakes, perhaps eat something gross and ...what else? Seriously nothing scared me yet so I guess it is a good reason for YOU and me to join this! Perhaps there are a few awesome challenges that they never reveal in this trailer.

I haven't found a brave supporter to tag along with me yet but I hope you guys will join too as really awesome prizes awaiting us to bring back! Don't you want the XBOX or iPhone5? Hahaha

Aaron Aziz - the host of Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia

" Fear Factor House – Is your chance to experience Fear Factor live!"

I hope I will be selected and see you guys at Sunway Pyramid next Saturday!! (15th December 2012)! For more information on how to join Fear Factor House Roadshow, visit Nuffnang's website or check out Fear Factor Malaysia Facebook page for their latest update =)

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