I myself as a Malaysian, feel really blessed when I think of how many different places I can go for sightseeing and do extreme sport/challenges! But there are still many excited places that are still hidden and not much people know where and how to go there! From the cities to the 'kampung', jungles to the highlands, rivers to the seas, there's just so many new experiences to discover.

Therefore, NESTLE DRUMSTICK is on a quest to identify the most adventurous things to do in our country. Spot it and you'll be rewarded!! $$$

Once these exciting locations have been marked, NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK then invites you to experience them yourself. Where there's NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK, there's Adventure. And now you can live it in the NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK Home of Adventure.
NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK Home of Adventure
You shall start pinning your Adventures now at NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK Home of Adventure and be among the best participants to win cash prizes! Ten (10) winners will be selected and announced every week over the duration of the contest.

Each winner will be selected based on the creativity of their submission and each winner will be rewarded with a cash prize of RM500! A total of RM35,000 awaits lucky winners! Check it out here

Steps to join NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK Home of Adventure

First you choose where does your Adventure located in Malaysia

Let me show you an example on how to add my adventure to Nestle Drumstick Adventure map:

Use the Search button by key in the road address to find your desired location
As above shown, I was looking for location of Sunway Lagoon as I found there are several thing that I would like you to play and experience =)

Tell us a bit more about your adventure after choose your adventure activities' category

Here's me who did my Bungy Jump at Sunway Lagoon!

You may want to read more about my first bungy jump here, I drank the water at the huge "pool" and I survive! It was scary but fun after you did it! come challenge me in your Fear Factor yo! Luckily I wasn't afraid of height nyahahaha ;p

You can choose to upload photo or even video to increase your chance of winning!

After submission, your entry will be displayed after moderation and approval.

That's all you need to do to grab a chance to win RM500 CASH WEEKLY! Actually I've already submitted a few entries and here's one of the approved adventure!

Asian Water Sports Village @ Puchong
If you like water sport, make sure you don't miss this place for unlimited ride of water sports. For more information check out Asian Water Sports Village at Drumstick Home of Adventure.

If you know of a place of adventure,  then you shouldn't miss this chance to share with us all by showing us and tell us about it at NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK Home of Adventure FB Page! Join now and be in the running to win a share of RM35,000

All right I guess I shall go get a Drumstick while pinning more adventure place to win the cash prize! Hope you and me can together win RM500 cash yo!

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