How to Take Beautiful Photos at i-City Shah Alam

Recently I've received an email from a reader:

"Hello, just read your blog that you went i city with D90, which is same with me. I wonder how to take a picture in I city. Like speed, aperture those, will you share for me? Thank you very much

Lee Fong"

Looking back at my i-City blogpost that was written  in year 2010, I am really happy to know that  people like the post and has garnered almost 300 likes on Facebook =D  Thanks for loving this post!

Between, i-City nowadays has changed a lot within few years! I guess most of the stuff are chargable and below are fees for entrance to i-City attraction:

Price Guidelines:
Outdoor Park Rides: RM5 to RM10 per pax
Snowalk: RM25 to RM50 per pax
FunWorld: RM5 to RM15 per pax
WaterWorld: RM25 to RM50 per pax

Operations Hours:
City of Digital Lights: 7pm - 4am daily
Outdoor Park Rides: 6pm - 12am daily
Snowalk : 10am - 12am daily
FunWorld : 2pm - 11pm
WaterWorld: 10am - 7pm
Trick Art Museum: 11am - 11pm

So here's a quick sharing of how I snap the photos in this  blogpost with my Nikon D90 last time. Most of the time I was using the 'Aperture-Priority' mode to snap these photos.

Aperture Priority is one of the easiest mode to use for DSLR. At least better than auto

Snapped this using manual focus

Snapped this using slow shutter and zoom out while pressing the shutter

This one use Shutter Priority and open your built-in flash

If you want tot ake better photos, make sure you choose the right mode but best is when you learn how to use 'Manual Mode' as you can customize what you want to achieve for your photo. Switch on the flash only when necessary or else just capture the natural right using the right aperture. For Nikon D90, any photo with ISO higher than 1600 will have lots of noise and that won't look good.

So my suggestion for beginner is to use 'Aperture mode' first when want to snap the Christmas Tree/ Lighting. Try to find a stable place to lean on when your shutter speed is lower than 1/80 second; You can switch on the built-in flash and set to 'slow-sync' to capture the background light as well. Use only 'Shutter Priority' mode when you want to do a jump shot at i-City and make sure your flash is on. 

Other than that, you should practice more to get use to the three main setting of a DSLR - Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO.  If you don't play with these setting there is no use for you to get a DSLR switch it at 'Auto mode'.

Lee Fong, hope I answered your question and do feel free to ask again if there is any further question. There is no fixed answer on how to capture a perfect picture but all I can say is provide little guide to ease your journey of photography. Cheers!!

PS: I find it is still difficult to get the right information about iCity attraction, operating hours and charges for their attraction. You may visit i-City Facebook Page instead for the latest update. And yes, it is not that cheap anymore compared to my last visit as they now have lots more attraction that always need you to pay first before you can enjoy. make sure you bring enough money before visit this place!

Maybe I should revisit this place again and check out what has changed and share with you all. Sad to read this blogpost about his bad experience at i-City...

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