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How to be a modern man? One would ask when he want to be a better person to become more charming/knowledgeable. As for me, I do certain things to make myself a better person:

AskMen.com - Become a Better Man here
1. Visit AskMen.com 
I stumble upon this website through a blogger friend's recommendation and it is one of the best channel for you to learn how to be a better man. I would say AskMen.com is an almost complete website that talking about health, sports, tips for grooming and not neglecting the latest issue/trend that one modern man shouldn't miss.

PS: They do provide tips for dating and sex too for you to wow the opposite sex

Men's health, Men's Uno and Digital Camera

2. Buy and read Men's magazine to keep updated with latest info/news
Every month I will buy men's magazine such as Men's Health, Men's Uno and not forgetting some photography magazines to increase my knowledge and also skills. Through Men's Health I've learn more about what I should/shouldn't eat to maintain a healthy life-style, Men's Uno magazine that show me what's the current fashion trend and how the world (for modern man) is changing. It is good to spot some successful Malaysian man featured in this magazine too.

Since one of my main interest is to snap better photos day by day, I wouldn't miss any photography magazine that can help to improve my photography skills. Every month I will surely buy the latest issue of Digital Camera magazine.

Get a sixpack
3. Exercise regularly
I personally think that a modern man should at least know how to take care of his health by exercise regularly. It doesn't always need to train yourself to have a super fit body (eg. sixpack) but one modern man should at least make sure his health and body is in good condition. Have you ever see a fat and unhealthy modern man before? 

Ryan Gosling - One of the modern man that inspired me

4. Grooms yourself
After getting all the knowledge through magazines/books/website, you should learn how to apply some of the skills by making your self looks good whenever you are going to somewhere or even just stay at home. Don't judge a book by its cover. However, your appearance is the first thing people would see and judge whether you are a modern man or not. To be a modern man, you better be look good from top to bottom. Your hair, face, the way you wear your clothes and not neglecting the shoes you wear too. Make sure you are not wearing dirty socks as the smell can really turn people off.

Here's some good habits you should have to be a modern man:

  • Change your bed sheets
  • Shampoo at most once a day
  • Floss and whiten your teeth
  • See a barber every 3 to 6 weeks
  • Shave after showering
  • Stick to a skincare routine
  • Get 8 hours of sleep
  • Drink 8 glasses of water daily
  • Trim excess body hair

Philips AquaTouch AT750 - A new electric shaver for both wet and dry shave
If you want to grooms yourself in the modern way, get rid of the conventional shaver and get yourself a brand new electric shaver that serve you well! You may consider to get this 100% waterproof electric shaver that I got recently, I can assure you it save a lot of time and safer when you shave your face!

Honestly, to be a modern man you need not only read a lot but also to do action on what you've learnt. You may have a dream that you always want, but if you never take action you will never be able to achieve it.

PS: Recently I just trimmed away excess hair on my face and keeping my moustache for my next upcoming #Philips50Shaves blog post. Good thing my facial hair is growing faster now hahaha WTF. So stay tune if you wanna see how I shave and groom myself! Cheers.

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