PETRONAS Sentuhan Kasih Programme @ Kampung Wellington. Here's My Story!

Early on a Saturday morning, me and my gf went to KLCC as we bloggers were heading to Kampung Wellington in Manjung, Perak for PETRONAS's 2012 "Program Sentuhan Kasih Deepavali". Since we woke up as early as 5am, we slept in the bus till we reach Kampung Wellington. Below were photos taken during our trip!!

For your information, Program Sentuhan Kasih is a PETRONAS festive CSI programme piloted in 2005 in preparation to celebrate major festivities in Malaysia. This program was initiated to communicate the 'human' side of PETRONAS where staffs are given the opportunity to share the spirit of togetherness and share the festive joy with the underprivileged community. 

Since it was well received by the staff and management, PETRONAS decided to make it an annual affair in 2006 and expanded the programme to cover other festivals such as Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Gawai, Tadao Kamaatan and Christmas depending on the locations. As for this year's Deepavali, Sentuhan Kasih was dedicated to Kampung Wellington in Perak. That's where he went for good deeds =)

Took some picture in the bus and at the rest point during the journey to Kampung Wellington

Here's the view we saw during our journey to Perak:

AEON Seri Manjung Shopping Centre is opening soon! I really like the paddy fields I saw during our journey
Hizri from JKKK Ayer Tawar welcomed us when we arrived at Kampung Wellington
Gloves and tools were provided for us to do gotong-royong at Kampung Wellington

Every year, the underprivileged from various locations were invited to participate in various activities prepared for  the programme and received festive hampers, ‘ang pows’ and ‘duit raya’. In 2011, the ‘turun padang’ concept is introduced to create a more sustainable impact to the stakeholders and PETRONAS staff where staff volunteers conduct ‘gotong-royong’ to refurbish rundown facilities such as schools and homes.

We had a briefing from a respective personnel that distribute gloves and tools for us to conduct 'gotong-royong' around the kampung.

SaiMatKong, me, Asheer and Merryn
We met a very ambitious kid named Asheer and he joined our team for 'gotong-royong' immediately when we collected our tools. We need more people like Asheer to make this world a better future! He is very helpful and willing to contribute to make this place cleaner and better haha. Nice to meet you Asheer! Hope to see you again.

This is some of us cleaning the rubbish along the road and stuff that block the drain.

The temple in Kampung Wellington looks great here
Background of Kampung Wellington:
  • Total number of villagers: 500 pax from 66 families
  • 80% of the villagers are Indians while the remaining are Malay and Chinese
  • More than 90% of the villagers are poor with household income of lesser than RM700 and some are single mothers with many schooling children
  • Most of the villagers work at the palm estate and being paid on a daily basis which results in non fixed monthly income
  • Most of the families have six to eight schooling children

YBhg Dato Medan and YBhg Datuk Rahim visited and joined the activity booths
YBhg Dato Medan and YBhg Datuk Rahim arrived not long after we did our 'gotong-royong' and we were there to capture what's happening. YBhg Dato Medan had Deepavali's drawing on his hand and then both Dato made a simple medical checkup in the room. Free medical checkup was also provided for the villagers during this event.
UTP students was ready to do the Deepavali dance performance upon VIPs' arrivals

YBhg Dato Medan and YBhg Datuk Rahim learned how to make a perfect Vadeh with the guidance of the old resident who did this for more than 30 years

YBhg Datuk Rahim was having fun and trying his best to make the perfect Vadeh

YBhg Dato Medan, Dato's wife and YBhg Datuk Rahim enjoying their own hot & fresh creation

YBhg Dato Medan and YBhg Datuk Rahim painted the wall together
After visit the village, YBhg Dato Medan and YBhg Datuk Rahim painted the wall of the community hall together in yellow color. Below is how the wall looks like:

Although not perfect but 95% completed ? =)

Speech by YBhg Dato Medan at Sentuhan Kasih event @ Kampung Wellington, Perak

Pegawai Daerah Manjung was giving a short speech thanking PETRONAS for all the good deeds given through Sentuhan Kasih and hoping that PETRONAS will continue to aid villagers in Kampung Wellington.

PETRONAS Senior General Manager of Group Corporate Affairs Division, Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah and UTP Vice Chancellor Datuk Ir. (Dr) Abdul Rahim Hashim handed out cash donations to all 142 families at Kampung Wellington

A group picture of YBhg Dato Medan and YBhg Datuk Rahim together with the recipients of money packets.

Dance performance by UTP students

After the money packets presentation and dance performance, we then head to the dining area to have our lunch as we were really hungry after the 'gotong-royong'. Here are some of us enjoying the freshly fried Deepavali biscuits
Yummy =P

Double yummy? =)

Wanna thanks girlfriend who tag along with me for Sentuhan Kasih @ Kampung Wellington
Hope she never get too much tanned during the 'gotong-royong'!
A group picture of all the bloggers who joined PETRONAS' Sentuhan Kasih!

Nice scenery view along the way back to KLCC
It is great to know that PETRONAS is doing this festive CSI programme that not only celebrate festivities in Malaysia, it also help people in need for good deeds. For this event specifically, the series of fun educational activities are facilitated by UTP students. Sentuhan Kasih programme is aim to increase the spirit of giving and volunteering among all members of PETRONAS.

I hope PETRONAS will continue Programme Sentuhan Kasih forever and help more people around the places. I'm really glad I was at part of this event and hope to do more good deeds besides just working hard for a better life =) Cheers!

Before you leave, please watch this video captured during the event:

PETRONAS 2012 Sentuhan Kasih & Sentuhan Harapan Deepavali

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