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What's your favourite sport? Basketball, Badminton, Volley Ball, Football or Futsal? My favourite sport is swimming!! I feel relaxed every time I take a dip into the pool and what’s best is that I can exercise at the same time! It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

But you know.. It gets boring when I am doing the same ritual again and again. Like.. 10 laps of free-stroke can be boring~ I’ve actually thought of a few water games where I can play and exercise at the same time! Mashing this up and redefine it creatively could be the best thing ever!

Hmm.... What if I combine Water Polo and Diving Treasure Hunt?
See something cool below!

Have you seen Footdunk??

FootDunk is a new game that's a mash up between football and basketball. The rules of the game are simple. Get the ball into the net using only your legs, head or your body. No hands. Isn't that cool? =)

Now if I tell you that when you share your idea on new exciting sports game and you can win RM 10,000 CASH and iPad2/other Tablet will you join? Yeah, MILO Cans made it possible!!

This MILO CANS NEXT GAMES Contest is open to all Malaysian residents and will run from 12 September 2011 to 30 November 2011.

To participate in this Contest, you can visit "MILO CANS NEXT GAMES Facebook App". The judging criteria will be based on completeness, practicality, originality, and relevancy of the Game Rules to this Contest.

The Prizes for this Contest consist of two categories

Category 1: Weekly Prize Winners
23 Weekly Winners, as selected by the judges, will each receive a tablet worth RM1,799.

Category 2: Grand Prize Winner
One [1] Grand Prize Winner with the highest number of votes will receive Ringgit Malaysia Ten Thousand [RM10,000].

I want both!!

Tips to win Milo Cans Next Games

Use 40 words or less.
You can change an existing game by rewriting its rules. Or, create an entirely new game. You can submit either in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

Name your game creatively.
Tip: It should succinctly capture the essence of your game.

Judging criteria.
Creativity, originality, relevance, practicality, competency and completeness. So remember, creative people win!!

If you lack of good idea, grab some MILO Cans drink might help you out!

You can always check your entries and also other friends entries @ MILO Cans Fanpage

I've submitted my idea for new Swimming Game. I am gonna submit more entries so I can win some prizes!! *kiasu mode on*

Hope my name will appear as their Weekly Winner soon! *finger crossed*

Start visiting MILO Cans Facebook Page now and submit your idea to win RM10,000 and latest Tablet!! Don’t blame me if you missed it ;p

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