MSS2011 Final Day @ Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie

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That day was the last day of MSS2011 Tour. I had a very good night sleep and woke up quite late because watched the TV Show till latenight. Not forgetting to take a photo with my roommate Helga, who has been staying together with me since day 1. Hope I didn't snore haha. Thanks Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie for having us here. Can I bring back the soft pillow? ;p

Here are some photos of the surrounding @ Holiday Inn

Swimming pool with kids playing with the water

Beautiful waterfall just beside the swimming pool

The interior of Kites Restaurant
Kites Restaurant serves Malaysian favourites like creamy nasi lemak rice and there's authentic Japanese dishes and sushi on the menu at smart Fu-Rin Restaurant. Sample Chinese cuisine at Glenmarie Golf and Country Club next door.

Operating Hours - 6am to 12 midnight
Breakfast – 6am to 1030am
Lunch – 12noon to 2.30pm
Dinner – 7pm to 1030pm
High Tea – 12noon to 4pm on Sat, Sun and PH

Fresh milk served in beer tower

I didn't had much time during breakfast because want to follow Bella and Feeq to go back home. So we had a fast goodbye with each other =(

With Daniel, Dian and Fie

Met Dwi Andi again before we left~

It is really nice to know bloggers across boundaries and it widen my knowledge and met more friends too. It is kinda sad that Rose can't join us during the trip but it is still an honour of being selected as one of the finalist right? Here's a special dedication to each and every bloggers/readers of MSS2011 Tour:

A very good photographer in almost every aspect =) I like his photo very much. Especially the food and some precious moment + candid shot. Too bad he wasn't able to join us during dinner. Or else I would have his photo taken @ The Mix here.

Ridha Yusardi
I am learning some Google Adsense knowledge through him =)

Bella Enveeus
A secretive girl that got a Nikon D7000 DSLR (which I looking forward to have) recently and have 'affair' with Mohd Zaid.

Zarah @ Jard
I always mistaken her with another blogger. But after MSS2011 I won't again haha

Yafieda Md Jamil
We all call her Fie. She looks like a quiet teacher for me haha. I like her pose in this picture =) Do spot her in one of my MSS2011 video and visit her blog~!

Same team with me during the 'Tear of the sun' outdoor challenge. She is quite quiet but glad to see her smile =)

Andi Kusmianto
Roommate @ Golden Palm Tree and Awana Genting Long House. The most trendy and artistic blogger among all. Snapped few photos of him modeling along the trip too. Not forget that he draw comics too.

Fadhlul Fahmi
Looks kind and friendly. Read more and know more about him at his blog ;p

Always see her hanging out with Olivya and Rizma. They are like sisters =)

Siti Syahida
I dun know much about her yet. But I will always remember she with the pink Pentax DSLR. Accidentally forgot to take her photo again because I was dizzy with food. *excuse haha*
Read her blog~

Helga Indra
A huge football fans and roommate for 4 consecutive days along MSS2011 Tour. To know more about him, read his blog =)

I know him too well already. A very multitasking person I have ever met who will only sleep for a few hours a day and work again the next day. Recently opened his own photo studio and contributed the most group photos during MSS2011 trip. He's one of the member of 1BenuaBand too =)

Zaid, had 'affair' with Bella during MSS2011 Trip. Again, you must read my MSS2011 story to figure out why =D Now we all call him Baby Zaid. Haha

Andi Gita
There are three Andi in MSS2011, she is the only girl~

Hijrah Saputra
Looks really friendly and didn't know he is the ambassador of Aceh, Indonesia. He design T-shirts too. One of the member of 1BenuaBand. Same team at 'Tear of the sun' activity. he's like a big brother that take care of everyone.

Hafiz Rashidi
A guy with really smart look? Read his blog to know more about him ;p

The most talkative girl in MSS2011 group. I wish I could understand her Indonesian because she talk so fast haha. Thanks for reading my blog too~! I guess you are the first Indonesian blogger who knows about my girlfriend? LOL

Suzan Oktaria
A lady that always dressed in colourful clothes. She is a reporter-to-be because the video that she made is like from the TV Channel itself. Between, she is 'modeling' for me too. Noticed I took a lot of her photos too.

An extra cute person like her blog url said. Same team with her at 'Tear of the Sun' activity and salute to her spirit of continue finishing the challenge wearing a Sarung ;p

Pamela is a very knowledgeable writer, traveler and also a diving teacher. She has so many hidden talents that I am amazed with. She's like a big sister in MSS2011 that take care of everyone too. I still remember she keep an eye for my DSLR during abseiling at Awana Genting Highland and party at The Mix

Daniel Hermawan
The youngest member of MSS2011. He is cute because every time he will greet you when see you in person. "Hi TianChad, Goodnight TianChad +++". The cutest moment of him was when he was abseiling and hopping like a rabbit @ Awana Genting Highland. Maybe that's why I have lots of his jump shot along the journey.

Shaleh Drehem
As you can see, he can give you funny face while taking photos. That explain his personality as well. An inborn entertainer too. You must read pamela's blogpost AND video to figure out why!

Dwi Andi Listiawan
The 'take-my-photo-please' buddy. He always want his photo taken therefore he is the volunteered model for my camera. Another funny and active person that I've met. He is the founder of 1BenuaBand and you will always be entertained by his joke.

Winner of MSS2010 is here with us along MSS2011 trip. Wanna thanks her for taking care of us and also being the photographer of our group photo anytime and anywhere when required ;p She helped a lot when we blog too. Whenever I asked for help in getting people name, she is the first one to answer~

And here's a photo collage of me. Thanks Feeq for the photos

Last but not least, I hope you enjoy reading my blog about My Selanngor Story 2011 and do staytune for more photos that will be uploaded to my Facebook page -TianChad @ 永遇乐 and exclusive video captured during the trip!

Thanks to sponsors & organizer of My Selangor Story 2011

Official Tourism Board: Tourism Selangor
Official Airline: Firefly
Official Resort: Resort World Genting
Official Telco: The Cube
Official Restaurant: The Mix
Official Camera: Pentax


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Voting below these links:
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#MSS2011 Press Con @ Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie
Luxury Golden Palm Tree Canary Palm Villa & Sepoi-Sepoi

Day 2
Fun Water Sport @ Golden Palm Tree Smiley Beach & Cycling Tour
Golden Palm Tree Low Tide Tour & Golden Sunset
Malaysian Night Seafood Galore @ Golden Palm Tree Grand Ballroom + Supper!

Day 3
Exciting Eco Adventure @ Awana Genting Long House
Pasar Ikan Bakar Seafood Barbeque & Blind Trail @ Awana Genting Long House

Day 4
Pentax Optio RZ10 Review @ Awana Genting Highlands Jungle Treking. Macro Best!
Team Building @ Awana Genting Highlands + Rajawali Coffee House
The Mix @ Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie. MSS2011 Party with Liveband!

Day 5
MSS2011 Final Day @ Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie
I Like The Cube @ MSS2011 Tour!

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