Kingmax Launching New Exciting Products 2011 @ Boston Club, Solaris Mont Kiara

KINGMAX showcased its latest innovations in memory storage solutions to Malaysians @ Boston Club in September 2011. KINGMAX’s leading technologies have been introduced into its new Solid-State Disk Drive (SSD) series, KINGMAX DDR3 Overclocking DRAM Module, KINGMAX USB 3.0 Flash Drive, SDHC & SDXC high speed memory cards and mobile high speed memory products up to 64GB (SD3.0 series).

"The entire KINGMAX product range was displayed for the local media as well as resellers. For the SSD segment, KINGMAX introduced the 2.5”SATA II SSD with up to 1TB, currently the world largest capacity for SSDs and the 2.5” SATAIII SSD with capacities up to 512 GB. The 2.5” SATAIII SSD series provides extreme performance with read speeds of up to 520MB/s and write speeds of up to 270 MB/s. In addition, the company also provided live demos of its world's first heastink-less Overclocking DRAM modules, the Nano Gaming Ram. The new modules boasts top performance without high-power consumption, offering gamers a more environmentally friendly option. Last but not least, the new KINGMAX ED01 128GB (USB3.0 UFD) was also showcased, delivering an impressive performance of 130~135MB/s read speeds and 30~47MB/s write speeds." - Maxit Online

Attendees at the event were also shown the new SDXC 64 GB and microSDXC 64GB cards. These high-performance KINGMAX products offer read and write speeds of up to 60MB/s and 40 MB/s respectively. KINGMAX's microSDXC products also boast maximum compatibility with nearly all of the latest high end smart phone and tablet PCs currently available in the market.

The multilingual emcee speaking in Chinese and English holding an iPad too

Performance by the Lady Gaga team. I wish they have a more updated song list

Models showcase KINGMAX latest products in 2011
the 64GB SDXC CLass 10 and waterproof memory card

Models showcase KINGMAX latest products in 2011
USB 3.0 Pendrives

KINGMAX Micro SDHC and Micro SDXC Memory Card

KINGMAX Solid State DiskDrive (SSD) up to 1TB

I am kinda interested to have one especially in my new laptop (still looking for one) because not only it is thinner. It is also less fragile to vibration too. Hope the pricing won't be that expensive compared to last time.

More photos of the models with KINGMAX product will be uploaded to my Facebook Page~

During KINGMAX Product Launch, there are representative of KINGMAX from China giving presentation to us regarding their new products and series. It is okay if they can't speak fluent English(I am one of them). But it is a big no-no if you provided wrong information during the presentation.

For example, Nikon D7000 become Canon D7000 =.="

According to Sophia Lin, Sales Manager of KINGMAX, "The launch of the new products is timed to the increasing demand for new gadgets, especially in the local Malaysian market. In addition, we have lined up many great promotion programs to celebrate the coming festive seasons.”

Somehow I feel like I was in a computer class learning all the technology terms and definition because they were briefing so well about the difference of SDHC vs SDXC, USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 and much much more during the product launch.

Just that we are lucky no need to copy the notes down for revision purpose haha

Another dance performance. This time it looks better

The girls were doing great

The most interesting part of the event is the giveaway of KINGMAX latest products and an iPad2. Those are attractive prizes for both media and KINGMAX Reseller. However, I wonder why people without namecard also can win in a row ~~

These are the lucky winners of KINGMAX New Products, Graphic Card and iPad2.
Congratz to them instead of being jealous ar =)
Because that's how you have a happy day

The promotion announced that day include:

Buy KINGMAX Memory Card to win Samsung Galaxy SII & iPad2 16GB*
Buy KINGMAX SSD to Get USB Desk Fan for FREE**
Buy KINGMAX Nano Gaming Ram to Get USB Hub for FREE**

For more details, please visit


Went to a camera shop on the same day to get something. Wanna guess what was it? =)
Hint: Something round and can get better scenery photos

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