The Most Adorable Husky - Maxx

Woohoo! Happy Deepavali to everyone who is celebrating it and people who had a day off from work. If you were working on a public holiday, look at the brightside! Because 2 more day it is TGIF (again). I hope you guys are pumped up to strive harder today =)

Well, I was slacking throughout the day doing nothing much for my work. Woke up around 9am++ and went to have dim sum as brunch. It was interesting to see people selling balloons just opposite the road . The red Angry Bird manage to grab my attention the most. Hmm... Maybe I should grab some for my next photoshoot. Wanna be my featured couple in the photoshoot?

After brunch, went to Hometown Cafe to have another drink because the dim sum restaurant was too hot with the steam around us. Ends up I had another bowl of desserts, which wasn't taste so good. That's how my time passed quickly and I went back home to process some photos of the events that I have attended. Noticed I really have tons of topic to blog about nowadays (Last time I was thinking of how to get more blogging materials to share)...Gonna share photos captured at Urbanscapes 2011 and Life Inspired event where I met the four gorgeous faces of Li. I've noticed I like to attend lifestyle events and traveling to open my mind =)

Later then the sky start raining and my plan to swim has to be cancelled... But look at the brightside I can play Maple on Facebook for a longer period of time (which I am currently addicted with...hahaha). Bought some breads and went to find girlfriend. Love my life~ At night we had homemade Tom Yam Steamboat together. Quite nice! =)

After dinner we then went to another friend house to feed the most adorable Husky I ever met. He is really tame and not fierce at all. Followed Jian who brought him out for a walk and snapped tons of photos of them. Between, his name is Maxx:

The handsome and most adorable Husky - Maxx
After feeding and playing with it. It's time for a supper to feed my getting-bigger-belly-which-I-didn't-really-noticed. Sometimes gonna take a time-out from your usual healthy diet right? Haha. Ate a lot again and hope I can pay back by exercise more. Or else I can really become the TC Boy on the tin can...

Anyway, if you are reading from the start till the end. Thanks for reading my random diary (which I hardly write). I will back to the serious blogging track again to publish all the due posts as soon as possible.

Last but not least, enjoy my current favourite melody from 'Pumped Up Kicks'
Back to the 80's

Didn't know the lyrics was so...but the melody is just unforgettable and makes me wanna play it over and over, and over but not forever again. Hope you like this song too!

Oh here is a question:
"What makes you read my blog? Is it because of the event that I've attended? Photos that I've shared? Giveaway/contest? Or me being random? Haha! I hope loyal readers, 'silent' readers or even strangers will say something this time. Sharing is caring right? So... start commenting below!"

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