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Gorgeous Couple @ Astro B.yond IPTV Hollywood & Celebrities Party

This weekend I went to Astro B.yond IPTV Hollywood & Celebrities Party which was fun to see people who dressed up well to win 32" LCD TV =D

This post gonna feature a few couple photos first and gonna share more photos story about this party later =) Enjoy!

Audrey @ Fourfeetnine with her pretty partner
Featured because nice+ cute+gorgeous outfit ;p

Saiful and Ruby!
Long time no see blogger buddies

BlackSwan @ KimberlyCun and Gwailou @ ShaolinTiger
A swan and a tiger. It's animal world haha

Marilyn Manson @ KYSpeak and his gf Hazelong
Haze draw the tattoo for KY and I like the little bottle she's holding. It add marks to her outfit =)

Captain America @ TehTarikMemoirs and sweet partner Peggy Carter @ Miss Ave
Perfect matching outfit for sure =)

X-Men couple Storm and Wolverine yo~! [Michelle with Nicholas]
Wolverine somehow looks like Dennis Lau the violinist haha

Last but not least, the 'SMURF' couple! Me and Wern =D
We just had a super blue couple outfit and Jess Lee gave us the smurf name

Sorry to disappoint some friends. Next time I will try to dress up according to the theme kay? Huhu~

PS: Provided when suitable couple costume are available

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