Pasar Ikan Bakar Seafood Barbeque & Blind Trail @ Awana Genting Long House

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Pasar Ikan Bakar Seafood Restaurant is geographically located not far away from Awana Genting Long House. I really wanna thumbs up this place because of the seafood and services that we had. Super awesome!! Imagine you are having seafood freshly grilled and barbequed for you in a comfortable ambience with nice live band and cool weather.

*Click Play and pause for best viewing pleasure*

The abseiling activities in the evening totally made all of us so hungry for this. You can read our fun abseiling stories and this is just one of many Eco Sports available at Awana Genting Highlands.~

Amelia gave a simple speech thanking Awana Genting for the shoulder massage providing us great dinner (indeed) @ Pasar Ikan Bakar. The guy looking smart in coat is Christopher Eric Ruxton, Executive Assistant Manager of Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort.

Fresh Seafood available @ Pasar Ikan Bakar

The most enjoyable moment is when you have nice people cooking your favourite food for you. Thumbs up!!

We had grilled beef, mutton, fish and lots of barbequed seafood. *drool*

Let see how much food Fairuz and Helga took~?

One more thing special about Pasar Ikan Bakar is their 9 various type of Special Sambal. You can try out their Chili Garlic, Continental Sauce, Prawn Chili, Thai Sauce, Bean Sauce,Pah Mee, Chili with Garlic Sauce, Sweet Soya Sauce and Assam Sauce.

She's my type! I mean her music la ;p Mercy Akoustika Band singing songs from my favourite artist including Zee Avi, Yuna and more! Really enjoyed their performance! Watch the video below for a peek of Pasar Ikan Bakar and also listen to her singing~

Mercy Akoustika Band @ Awana Genting Long House Pasar Ikan Bakar |

Christopher from Awana Genting was distributing souvenir to everyone of us while we were enjoying our food =)

After the scrumptious dinner at Pasar Ikan Bakar, we were then prepared for the Night Trail activity. I don't know why how I eventually become the cameraman for everyone haha. Maybe because of the surprise that we want to give to Nigel? =)

Hope you guys like my night trail photo above. It was so dark and I put it on long shutter mode and the Night Trail Crew was walking around.

A briefing before the night trail begins!

So everyone was blind folded with a white cloth and tissue to make you feel comfortable. The weather was cold and people who wore short pants was attacked by the mosquito. I know the feeling of eyes being covered and lose one of my important sense - The Sight. People tend to use their eye to see everything and make a decision but sometimes the decision based on the surface is not 100% right. That's why "Don't judge a book by its cover"

Some people were sleeping, some people were relaxing and talking to each other. However when they are leaving one by one, you will start feeling scared and wondering what is happening around you.

This is blind folded Pamela and Nigel. I added some emoticon to make it looks more... interesting? =)

Cute Ester was happy sitting beside handsome Hijrah the Aceh Ambassador? Haha

So this is what our fellow MSS bloggers did. Each and everyone of us need to follow the rope as it is the only guide to complete the journey. They were told when the rope is low, you must lower your body or even crawl to prevent those 'obstacles'. I feel sorry that I wasn't in the part of this challenge but I hope the photos captured could be a nice memory for everyone who participated.

There was some point where I really couldn't stop laughing especially when my fellow blogger friend bump into the wood stick and wonder what was it and which way to continue. Especially Rizma who keep asking, "Apa tu? Eh?! Apa ni?" (What is this?). Daniel was cute enough to mimic back the sound that the 'animal' in the jungle emitted. Andi is always dressed with good fashion sense, look at his jacket while he was passing the obstacles.

Some of them feeling scared when the person sitting between them went missing. So they start talking with each other about how was the weather ;p It is really a challenging and scary activity that you need to combat and encounter it. So my tips for you, be confident with yourself and don't be scared because that's how a person become stronger and better =)

That night was a good night to observe the sky for stars and horoscope. Can you recognize any of it? Thanks Pamela for recommending Google Sky Map, an Android apps that helps us identify the stars easier =D

Nigel was the last one to complete the night trial journey because we all prepared a birthday surprised for him! Sang Happy Birthday again and this time he manage to cut a cake just beside the camp fire!! Hope his wish come true!

PS: I will upload the surprise video later~

After the Night Trail activity we then went back to Pasar Ikan Bakar for supper. Hot Milo appear just at the right time to warm us up. Thanks Awana Genting for it.

I didn't sleep that early that night because I used the internet to update a bit of my blog and added up some Indonesia bloggers on my Facebook! Glad to know them because they have different blogging culture than us. In my opinion, Indonesia bloggers tends to write more than putting tons of photo like me =) Do you agree?

Last but not least, here's a cute photo of Encik Hafez from Tourism Selangor who hide in a blanket early in the morning and become a sleeping Buddha. He can really sleep at anywhere ;p

Don't worry about the weather in long house because it is just as cold as a 16 Degree Celsius aircond in the room. It is simple but good enough to have a good rest. Some more there are animals like bat that hunt all the bloody mosquito for us!

For more information about Awana Genting Eco Adventures and latest promotion, visit

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69000 Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia.
Telephone: (603) 6436 9000
Facsimile: (603) 6101 3535

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