Tai Zi Heen Chinese Tapas Promo @ Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur

[Warning: Tons of food photos in this post, make sure you have eaten before continue reading this post!]

First of all, thanks Tai Zi Heen 太子轩 Chinese Restaurant for inviting us bloggers for a food review of their current Chinese Tapas Promotion. Chinese Tapas at Tai Zi Heen features over 15 premium dishes from the ala carte menu for just RM10++ per dish, a wonderful dining style to fit in the working day business lunch or a good excuse to order more appetizing dishes!

Weekday Chinese Tapas
1 – 31 October 2011
12:30pm – 2:30pm

RM10++ per dish

This promotion is only available at noon time but we went for the food review at night. Therefore you will see almost every food on the menu appear below =)

I was waiting for others to arrive and kids just like to play with the fountain in Prince Hotel, KL

The signature ceiling lamp for Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Below are all the food appeared on the table for us to taste:

It is quite a grand view when I saw these

Steamed spinach dumplings filled with prawn
Didn't manage to try it

Steamed prawn dumplings with dried scallops
Looks nice but didn't manage to try it too

Smoked duck in egg rolls and preserved ginger
Highly recommended as it just mix so well in just one bite
*thumbs up!*

Chilled marinated seashell and jellyfish with garlic and preserved vegetables
Tasted average for me

Eight Treasure sun dried seafood soup
A nice smooth soup to give you much nutrients

Thai-style shark's fin soup
I know people protecting the shark won't like to see me eating this. But well since it was prepared I've decided to give it a try. The Thai spiciness is the stuff that add flavor to the shark fin.

Sauteed prawns with fried garlic, shallots and dried chillies
If you like seafood, you will like the huge peeled prawns

Batter-fried grouper fillets with mango salsa
Best served when hot, I like the mixture of spicy sour and sweetness from the mango

Wok-fried squid with black beans
Nice slices on the squid but tasted just normal for me =)

Wok-fried fish fillets with celery
Strong taste of celery

Crispy boneless chicken with coffee barbeque sauce
Best served when hot. You will like the sweet and crispy boneless meat chunk~

Wok-fried beef with leeks and ginger
Ginger decrease the smell of the beef, which is a good thing~

Baked honey scented chicken wings with sesame
Who don't like chicken wing? especially when it is coated with honey~
*thumbs up*

Stir-fried sliced duck with spicy chilli sauce
Another recommend dish.

Steamed bean curd with oyster sauce and dried shrimp
Best served when hot.

Stir-fried okra with dried shrimp
It is good that the okra is not sticky to each other because usually what I have is the okraa with their 'glue'

Fried bean sprouts with salted fish
With head and tails removed you will just get their 'body part' taste. Normal for me.

Deep-fried eggplant with salt and pepper
Tasted nice and hope will have more salt and pepper on it~

Singapore-style fried meehoon
Normal dishes for me

Steamed scallop siew mai
Best served when hot. Didn't manage to try this

Steamed beef meatballs with mozzarella cheese
Best served when hot. Even it is cold, the chewy juicy meatball didn't fail to surprise us. Recommended to people who eat beef ya~

Batter-fried whitebait fish with spiced salt
Something new that I tried. Quite nice =)

Deep fried prawns coated with sesame seeds in sweet and sour sauce
Dipping with the sauce is a must. Best served while still hot

Spicy braised mutton with bean curd stick
No heavy smell of the mutton. Soft enough to let you chew a few time before swallow

This is when all the RM10++/ea dishes were served on the table

This is us after having enough good food with big varieties including desserts~

Lemongrass jelly with aloe vera and lime sorbet
Soft jelly that you will definitely like it. It will taste better with less lime sorbet or we can add honey depends on our taste.

Chilled mango puree with ice cream, sago and pomelo

Hot Almond Soup with Black Sesame Tang Yuan
This is not on the Chinese Tapas menu but you can order it extra because it tasted just nice especially for Almond lovers~

Executive Sous Chef Alex prepared the Chinese Tapas

A more casual shoot for Chef Alex =)

Chubby Chef Liang haha

Thanks to both chef for the Chinese Tapas and desserrts

Here's a group photo of bloggers who attended for the food review at Tai Zi Heen, prince Hotel KL. Thanks to Tina, Travis and fellow Tai Zi Heen crew for the services and good treat~

Here's the menu for Tai Zi Heen Chinese Tapas Promotion available from 1st Oct to 31st Oct during lunch time. If you are just working nearby Prince Hotel, KL and want to try numerous food in small dishes, do consider to visit here as with just RM10++/plate you can ignite new sparkles on your taste buds~

Remember, it is only RM10++ per dish for a fine dining in the afternoon. Share with your colleagues and friends!

Tai Zi Heen Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Conlay, 59459 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-2170 8888
Fax: 603-2170 8808
Website: http://www.princehotelkl.com

For reservations, email: restaurants@princehotelkl.com.my

Lunch :
12:00 noon - 2:30 pm, Monday to Friday
11:30 am - 2:30 pm, Sunday & Public Holidays

6:30 pm - 10:30 pm, Monday to Sunday and Public Holidays

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