Media Prima Nite Live @ KLCC [Sneak Peek]

Attended Media Prima Nite Live 2011 Screening @ KLCC and it is a grand event co-organize together with TV3, NTV7, 8TV, and TV9 channels. Well before that met HongKong TVB Kenneth Ma and Joyce Tang in a press conference and almost missed it because lacking of parking at KLCC. Nevertheless I was blessed to find a RM5 open air carpark and didn't rain when I go and get my car.

So back to Media Prima Nite Live 2011. Saw some local artists and celebrities attended this event screening and below are just some of the photos for sneak peek.

Local Chinese Artist: Lawrence 王冠逸, Gary Yap 叶俊岑,Rickman Chia & Wind 李诗斌

Hottest guy: Henry Golding and Hansen Lee
The yellow stick in Hansen lee mouth is actually a lollipop ar

Ahmad Izham Omar was funny and cheerful during emcee the show
Always say no budget and that recycle last year joke is free
"Why? Cannot" haha

There was a Twitter contest where you can win 42" LCD TV and also iPad 2. They are all good prizes but I wonder why the prize redemption only last till 7.30pm =.=" I hope I am still eligible to win the iPad 2 because I only noticed I am the winner on twitter after I restarted my hanged BlackBerry. *finger crossed*

Aaron Aziz and _______? Fill in the blank by comments below!

Elecoldxhot, Showdown 2011 Winner performed on stage of Media Prima Nite Live
Can see got new choreography although using same music

Elecoldxhot Seducing Dance @ Media Prima Nite Live

Awesome media Prima Nite Live post party @ KLCC Grand Ballroom
Nice food and many booth from different channels where you can take photos of the artist and yourself too. There was a special band performance by the VIP too. The giving-bra-moment is unforgettable. Gonna share more about this later.

Clear night view of KLCC after rain!

All right, for more hot content about Media Prima Nite Live 2011. You must stay tune at this site okay? Yeah the content will be as hot as them =)

XPLAY @ Kuching coming up at Paragon Club 19th Nov

Meow! To people in Kuching, XPLAY is going to be at Paragon Club this 19th November 2011. Get your snazziest outfits ready and prepare to look your best! The event will feature DJ MALIKA, the smokin’ hot DJ from Russia, plus top as well as up-and-coming local DJs, DJ Jee Hoe, and Twilight Actiongirls a.ka. TAG (DJ Xu & DJ Bunga) .

"One of the best DJs in Russia that has been in the DJ-ing circuit and has played all over Russia at the best parties. DJ Malika is one of the few DJs that has been invited to spin at various countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus, France, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, Finland, Latvia, Ukraine and many more. She does has high sense of musicality as she is a trained pianist."

Guess what? Big and rising names in the local DJ fraternity will be there to mix things up too!

DJ Jee Hoe

"A KL-native who’s putting House, Disco and Electro music at the forefront of the local clubbing scene. DJ Jee Hoe can serve up an eclectic and unique blend of mashed up tunes that consist of anything from ground-shaking beats to soulful rhythms. Although he is relatively new to the scene, his novelty factor, coupled with a blend of industriousness and diligence, has already earned him a lot of street credibility. DJ Jee Hoe regularly plays in Singapore and Malaysia, and is also the resident DJ for HOUSE THIS?! in Barsonic. He has become a well-known face in local party scene that always bring the house down."

Twilight Actiongirls a.k.a TAG (DJ Xu & DJ Bunga)

"DJ Xu and DJ Bunga are part of of the group of DJs that brings the weekly indie night Twilight Actiongirl. The Twilight Actiongirl gang brings their own unique flavor to the rogue indie culture, hosting many parties and packing out odd venues – building a name from the underground up. They have a broad music policy which covers everything from electro-punk-rock & roll-disco, indie guitar, Britpop to garage rock to ska to classic soul to leftfield electro and all points in-between.

Besides that , Twilight Actiongirl won Best New Local Night in local club entertainment JUICE in 2004 and again took the honours for Best Local Club Night and Most Up For It Crowd in JUICE for 2005."

For Kuchingnites, if you don't want to miss this party, head down to Xpax Facebook Page and Xplay DJ site to grab your FREE Passes now! Do note that the passes is on first come first served basis yo!

PS: You may need to disable your Facebook Secure Browsing first to able to access XPlay FB Aps. Enjoy the party!

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