Golden Palm Tree Low Tide Tour & Golden Sunset

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After enjoyed the beach activities @ Smiley Beach and also cycling tour around the villages of Sepang Gold Coast. We are lucky to have a tour guide bringing us to the sea for Low Tide Tour.

Rosie is our tour guide of the day. She is fully equipped with hat and sunglasses. Smart move to prevent sunburn~ Since the tide is low in the noon, we all just walk towards the sea and discover the amazing low tide kingdom. There were lots of creatures that can be found on this beach.

The sun was really hot and clever Helga covered himself with his jacket. Rosie thought us how to identify the gender of Green Mussle while Dwi Andi telling us the shell is proportional to each other. You will able to spot soldier crabs or 'Geramak' easily at this beach. They will all crawl out and hunt for food when the tide is low.

TIPS: If you want to witness thousands of soldier crab surrounding you. Easy! All you need to do is go to the swarm of soldier crab. Yes, they will dig a hole and hide inside the sand. But if you wait patiently enough all of them will start crawling out of the sand and ... Tada~ You will get the picture as above!!

Rosie told us 'Pepahat' or Phanas Attenuatus can be found here too. It is a type of shellfish widely found in the coastal area. If you want to catch them, all you need is by applying the lime stone solution into the tube and they will spit out and appear on the sand .

Later then we walk beneath the lobby of Golden Palm Tree. Figured out something familiar and interesting at the same time. The sand is cold and there are mud trap around this area. So becareful. However if you want to have free mud-spa that's the place =)

Wonder what we are observing on the pillar?

Besides oysters I find these sea creatures looks really alienated. Are these oyster's eggs or anemone without sea water? Looks a bit creepy for me =S

Some photos during low tide tour. The crab said 'Hi'

If your eyes are sharp enough, you can find many sea creatures hid themselves so well. Most of their color is similar to the sand. Can you spot the tiny little mud-skipper?

Inspector TC on action.
Hmm... Based on the size it is Dwi Andi's footstep

Actually fresh water mussels or 'kepah' is really famous in the Bagan Lalang area for its scrumptious taste. If you are lucky you will able to meet the people who are digging and hunting for it under the hot sun. I manage to stumble upon a guy during my last visit in March 2011. He was just pulling on the mud/sand using a simple shovel and stop when he felt that there's something that knocked on the digger/shovel.

TIPS: If you are visiting the seafood restaurant nearby, remember to order 'kepah' because they are the freshest seafood in Bagan Lalang~

After the Low Tide Tour, we then went back to Sepoi-Sepoi and Amelia was there to distribute Pentax camera to us on loan. We were able to review various kind of camera including compact camera, DSLR and also WaterProof cameras. Saw the Pentax RS1000 Angry Bird Edition Camera that Nigel was holding?

Was given chance to review their DSLR but I think reviewing this Pentax RZ10 will be better because I am looking for a compact camera that can provide DSLR quality yet with light weight. Will share my review in upcoming post =)

Main features of Pentax RZ10:
  • Optical 10X zoom lens for a variety of subjects and scenes
  • Automatic selection of the most appropriate shooting mode
  • Dual shake reduction to assure sharp, blur-free images
  • High-quality HDTV-proportion movie recording
  • Exceptional image quality
  • Automatic face detection for beautiful, lively snapshots
  • Unique Pet mode for automatic detection of dog and cat faces
  • Casual, all-purpose design for every occasion
RRP: RM999 only

Amelia gave us a surprise when we saw the brand new Pentax Q in her hand. I am not sure if it is available now in Malaysia Market but it look just cute and very compact. Not forget to mention Pentax Q has inter-changeable lens including Fish Eye and Toy lens~!

PS: Both Pentax Q and Amelia are cute lol

We then had a tea-break @ Bila-Bila Restaurant

Noodles, sandwiches and cake

Took an opportunity to pose with Pentax Q. It is really small and the pop-out flash will just make everyone "awww~" when it pop-out. Now my head look so big with it *tsk tsk*

Colourful Suzan did multiple pose with PentaxQ and also her Pentax DSLR~ Wanna find a fun and sunshine ambassador for your camera and products? Suzan is always there for you. Do contact me as I will be her manager in Malaysia ya ;p

Rizma who is very talkative, stylo Kus Andi & artistic Hijrah with hidden talent

After tea-time we then took the buggy again to go back respective room and have a good rest before dinner. After I took a bath and charge my camera/phone batteries. It is the golden hour to take photos @ Golden Palm Tree.

Amelia, Alison and Lau was relaxing beside the infinity pool while me, and my roommates are all waiting for the sunset.

Here's the view from the 2nd floor of Bila-Bila Restaurant. The sun is setting down but the clouds are slowly covering the sun that evening...

A portrait shoot of Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa with the sunset

I was charging the battery of my Pentax RZ10 therefore I can't test out the panorama feature yet. I was enthusiastic enough to do a manual panorama by stitching all the photos taken during that time. Another type of art? *huhu~*

Remember you can save the hassle by using Pentax RZ10 ~

Andi was snapping photos with his Pentax camera.

Introducing Andi Kusmianto, model of the day for Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa
I turned my photo object to Andi because he did just right with a pose =)

A cloudy sunset time at Golden Palm Tree this time. Guess who is the photographer in action? =)

We were invited to join Malaysian Night Dinner @ Golden Palm Tree Grand Ballroom and it is a seafood galore moment~! Even desserts is colourful & attractive enough to make you drool!

Stay tune for my upcoming post!!

Interested in visiting Golden Palm Tree this coming weekend? Here's the location map of Golden Palm Tree:
You can take free shuttle service at KLCC and it is just 75 mins drive =)

Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa Sdn Bhd (637783-W)
No. 67, Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang,
Kg Bagan Lalang,
43950 Sungai Pelek,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Contact:+603 3182 3600
+603 3182 3700

If you have any enquiries/questions, please contact them at

Thanks to sponsors & organizer of My Selangor Story 2011

Official Tourism Board: Tourism Selangor
Official Airline: Firefly
Official Resort: Resort World Genting
Official Telco: The Cube
Official Restaurant: The Mix
Official Camera: Pentax


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