BoatHouse Restaurant @ TTDI Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

Visited boatHouse @ Taman Tun Dr. Ismail [TTDI] Restaurant not long ago and tasted numerous delicious dishes incuding appetizer, main dishes and awesome desserts.

From the outside it looks like a bar on the boat house, but inside there are dining tables with red light decorations.

Part of the dining tables with the shimmering light

"boatHouse TTDI
thrive on providing the freshest and tantalizing meals. All the continental gems are passionately created by Yen Ni and approved by Adelyn's connoisseur's taste buds. Hence all the ingredients are carefully chosen and prepared. Every item on the menu is prepared from scratch. NOTHING is Pre-Cooked at Boathouse. If ever your food arrives super fast at your table, it means your orders are the first few (you are also allowed to think of us as Speedy Gonzales, chuckles!). And when it is a little slower than usual ... Yen Ni and her team are tediously crunching away on your orders to ensure their bests. "

One thing that attracted me is the Aquarium Table at the bar. There are exotic fishes in the aquarium and you will be amazed by the fishes swimming around while having your drinks.

boatHouse has two floors and there are darts game/training and snooker available on 1st floor.

Including a boatHouse Bar Corner with aquarium too

You can enjoy the street view of TTDI while sipping your drinks

Now let's talk about the food @ boatHouse:


Oyster Lumpfish Caviar
Usually the oyster that I eat will only mix with either lemon of the tabasco chili sauce. But this time I can have the real fresh oysters with lumpfish caviar (black & red color) that usually used in appetizers. With spring onions as the green color decoration and new flavour added in, it does taste really good than with just lemon juice on it =) Super appetizing!!

There were a dozen of Oyster Lumpfish Caviar and guess who is the happiest to have them?

None other than HuaiBin who had 6-7 of the oysters =)

Pig Skin & Balls
Best mix with the sauce provided and balance the calories intake with the fruit mix. Hmm...I wonder how they stabilize the pig skin with the meat ball. Remember to eat it with the sauce provided.

Caramel Roast Pork
Roast pork that tasted salty and sweet with the addition of Caramel. I like sweet stuff (but not so sweet) therefore it meet my taste =)

Main Course

Now the main course is Lainey! I mean...

Holland Pork Belly Ribs
It is slowly cooked and you can choose to eat the meat with/without the skin based on your preference. I guess most lady will avoid the fatty part right? If you are a healthy person, try to mix it with the meat because you will have different sense in your mouth =)

Spaghetti Scallop Olio with Poppy Seed
I personally like this spaghetti especially when it involve seafood like scallops. boatHouse is generous enough to include enough scallops for us. I don't mind having another plate of spaghetti if I don't have other dishes to try out.

Fettuccine Pesto Beef with Rocket Leaves
Spicy beef fettuccine for me, not sure what is rocket leaves but is edible along with the fettuccine for the mixture of flavor. Wern like it because it is delicious and the fettuccine absorbed the sauces well.

The mysterious main dishes undergoing the art of fire with VSOP Cognac Gravy
The cook was just cooking beside us playing with fire.

With just one big flame with the VSOP Cognac this is how the Steak Au Poirre looks like

I don't fancy of rare meat whether it is 30%/70% cooked. But this is a chance for me to try it out. Many of them not dare to try out the pinky flesh but I did. *yay* As long it doesn't "spill" blood when you squeeze it I can tolerate =)

I don't usually have this kind of meat according to Huai Bin he love it very much.
"The steak practically melts in your mouth!"

Chef YenNi is kind enough to explain how they make the dishes and I can feel that lots of efforts has been putting inside to create each and every dishes that we've tried.

Does HuaiBin looks like a young teenager in this photo??
Wanna know the secret? Comment below then

Ooo I am the spoon killer from Richard Gale fork killer cos it is more efficient. Your meat is mine!!

The making of Crepe Suzette

Crepe Suzette
This is the combination of cooked orange with crepe and orange rinds + vanilla ice-cream as topping. So it tasted sweet, sour and bit bitter with the orange rinds. I personally think that if the crepe is dryer it will taste better.

Chocolate Souffle
I like this desserts especially the freshly baked souffle. The chef recommend us to finish it in two minutes for best dining experience. Do you know that there are melting chocolate inside the cupcake-look souffle? The grapes gave the rum taste. You can have banana dip with the chocolate too =)

Strawberry can be a beautiful flower too

Thanks Nuffnang and MilkADeal for the food review session. This is Nuffie Karen and Nuffie Linda tempting another Nuffie "Unicorn" with the food pictures haha

Lainey, Huai Bin, Karen and Linda

The dishes that I personally enjoyed the most including Oyster Lumpfish Caviar, Spaghetti Scallop Olio with Poppy Seed and Chocolate Souffle. Good news to you who is interesting to dine in boatHouse as MilkADeal just came up with new deal:

RM120 instead of RM302.70 for a Luscious Meal for 2 Pax at boatHouse Restaurant & Bar, TTDI [60% OFF] NON HALAL:
Half Dozen Oyster Lumpfish Caviar,
Holland Slow-baked Pork Belly Ribs,
Steak Au Poirre a la Set,
Side Dishes (Cauliflower Gratin & Truffle Oil Mashed Potatoes),
Chocolate Dark Cherry Flambé Soufflé
2 Red / White Wine

It is really worth to get all these in just RM120, so get your MAD Deal now!

boatHouse Restaurant & Bar

16, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur 60000, Malaysia
Phone: +603 7727 4426


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