Top 10 Jessi J Price Tag Cover on Youtube

"It's all about the Money Money Money~" Jessie J's Price Tag is quite catchy and now is the time to reveal Top 10 Best Music Cover on Youtube. You can read about Top 10 Katy perry's Teenage Dream music cover too!

Top 10 Jessi J Price Tag Music CoverLink
Every artist featured here has their unique voice and especially their own styles in presenting the song. Some even amend the melody, music instruments and lyrics to fit their characters. Will you tell me which one is your favourite?

#1 Maddi Jane - A young girl with good production team that featuring her and her voice. This video already reach 22 millions view on Youtube and still increasing =)

#2 KarminMusic - I like her voice and this time trombone was used as one of the music instrument. Nice combination I would say =) They are invited to perform live in Ellen Show too.

#3 Jayesslee - The cute + pretty twin sisters that always do good music cover together. When they sing together it sounds really harmonic =)

#4 Tyler Ward ft. Eppic -Talking about creativity Tyler Ward always present different style of video through his music. You will able to see Tyler and Eppic interchange so fast with their instrument and outfit. Nice one!

#5 CIMORELLI - The A Capella female group that I just stumble upon because of this song. Quite harmony when they sing and watching till the end of the video i can imagine they always have fight haha

#6 Maria Aragon - A talented and lucky girl who was somehow spotted by Lady Gaga because of covering her 'Born this Way' and was invited to perform on her concert. Nice voice and remember to stay humble!

#7 ConorMaynard - Most of his video are shoot in black and white, which make him look emo but people will focus more on his voice instead. Hope to see his music cover in color sometimes!

#8 Megan Nicole ft. Alyssa Bernal - The video looks like shot in a hotel and yet another girl that can sing and not shy in front of camera.

#9 Christina Grimmie - Avril Lavigne style and watch more of her video if you like her voice

#10 Auf Deutsch - All right I don't understand German but it is a good efforts that they translate the lyric and made another video just for this cover. Highly recommend you to watch this =)

Here's an advice to all the YouTube Music artist wanna-be: If you want to be stumble uponed by Youtubers like me remember to do some famous artist's music cover because this will helps you gain new fans and supports from people around the world, or even the artist himself!

If there is a singer that you like here, visit their Youtube Channel, subscribe and like their Facebook page for latest music. Do support them on iTunes too if you are capable of =)

I guess you know who's my favourite among all 10 videos? =D

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