HALLS ShockVille Fun Flash Game & Contest!

I still remember during My Selangor Story blogging marathon everyone was exhausted and tired during the trip because we had too many things to explore at once. We all ended up becoming Sleepyheads.

Yeah 2 sleepyheads and 4 soon-to-be-sleepyheads.

We al ended up having a goodnight sleep like this polar bear and didn't wanna wake up early the next day...
If only there was something to wake us up!

Recently I found out this fun game to play with Facebook - HALLS Shockville
So far this is one of the most impressive flash games that I've played and I am getting addicted to it already.

All I have to do is to shoot HALLS Candy to make the citizen awake. Damn nice shooting game ar =p

Not only that, I am aiming to win cash prizes up to RM15,000 and lots of weekly prizes including PS3, iPad and more!! Another good reason for me to stay addicted to this game =p

You can actually unlock certain powers to help you get higher scores =D
All you have to do is get 4 different flavours of HALLS Candy to unlock these awesome power.
[Blueberry, Extra Strong, Honey Lemon, Mentho-Lyptus]

Unlock all these awesome powers by inserting the barcode number attached

Four out of six flavors of Halls Candy that can help you unlock extra powers
Among them all, I personally like Honey Lemon flavour the most

Here's one of the power that I am using - Shock Troopers
I can actually call up friends to help me shoot those Sleepyheads
The most powerful skill will be Clear Screen; this power is very useful to clean all sleepyheads on the screen within just a few seconds. You can unlock this power with Halls Extra Strong Candy.

There are four different theme for you to break through
High School, Wet Market, Office, Industrial Park
One of the reasons that makes me stay addicted to this game =)
You will be surprised at every level.
I really like their visual graphics and personalized characters

I am currently trying to score the best score so I can win one of the weekly prize!
Sony Playstation 3, iPad or iPod Touch also can =D

Or maybe I should aim for something better, RM15,000 Cash prize!!
With that much money I can travel to many other places!!

HALLS Shockville Campus Championship
This is something nice for you if you are studying at one of the Uni mentioned above. You and your 3 friends will able to have own private party for 100 guests at Bar Sonic, Zouk! Free finger food, light snacks and beverages all night long!

My Uni moments has ended so it's your time to grab this opportunity to have your own party =)

PS: Remember to invite me if you won!

Now I've been to High School and Wet market stage, Can't wait to shoot those Sleepyheads in Industrial Park and Office. Oh yeah, beat my high score if you can!!

Start playing this fun game and win awesome prizes now by visit and like HALLS Malaysia Facebook page now for awesome tips for this game and stay updated for winner announcement!

Invigorate your senses with HALLS Candy


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